Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Passing the days

So, what do you do when you're officially full-term but still have a few weeks until your blessed bundle arrives? I do remember the bliss-filled days from #1 - taking naps, making elaborate dinners, watching the Food Network. Alas, the other members of this household are not willing to cooperate with any of that so, we do a lot of little things and we rest a lot as well. Seems to be passing the time :)

Tiny Tots

If you live in Pittsburgh and have kids between 3 and 6 years old, you must go to Tiny Tots sometime. They open up Heinz Hall to schools and families and the symphony puts on a kid-friendly show. Other than parking ($8) or taking the bus/trolley ($2.50) it's FREE!!! The boys and I went down today and had a wonderful time. It was good to see some friends and spend some time out with my little men.


40 Days Vigil

I haven't gotten to do this nearly as much as I would like, especially during these last days, but last week I was blessed to go, stand and pray, at the 40 Days for Life Vigil. It is a peaceful vigil outside of Planned Parenthood and I am always changed in some way when I make the effort. This last time I met a man, William, who is 60-years-old, black, and takes time as often as possible to come and pray because he is aware that, child-by-child, abortion is slowly killing off an entire generation of his race. He was wonderful and heartbreaking to talk to. It is sad that wisdom is so often wasted on the old. Thankfully, I have many young (younger than me and smarter than I was then!) friends who realize the importance of this cause.

Playing outside....with no the middle of MARCH!

OK, so the 80 degree temps were wearing me down but it's so hard to be grumpy when these little people were having so much fun! They took the opportunity to swing, slide, ride, dig and do all of those lovely things one does when the bigger cares of the world are not yet evident.

It seems like the weeks are full from now on...oldest son to get his 5-year-old picture taken, Science Center trip, pedicure, hair, OB, OB, OB (oh, and most importantly, everything involved in Holy Week and Easter!). I look at the calendar and sort of wish (sort of) that this baby would come a bit early and save me from my "to do list" for a while. Still, I'll be happy to have it all done and concentrate on this new little person. If you would, pray that I know when to "do" and when to "rest" and that we come out of this with an intact baby and mama! Thanks :)

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