Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random thoughts

You must know by now that I'm just doing my stream-of-consciousness thing so that you can revisit these posts later, while I'm busy with the baby, and not miss me quite so much ;0)

1. I'm really missing my apartment in Philadelphia today. I hated so much about it but, on a day like today, there was nothing as relaxing as sitting on the balcony, putting up my feet, sipping some zin, and staring at the horizon (which included the view of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary - beautiful).

2. My youngest child is not only fair like her next-oldest brother, but also has the amazing ability to fall asleep while doing other things. Not unlike he did several years ago (different piece of furniture), today she passed out while climbing onto the couch. I wish I could be that easily lulled!
3. I found the Bible verse for the baby's birth announcement today. I sort of knew it before but, when I reread it, I knew it was perfect. If only the names were this simple.

4. One month from tomorrow I will be, God willing, holding my newborn. That is a fact that still blows my mind. God is so good.

5. This week's pregnancy craving - Sobe Lifewater with coconut water. Pour it over crushed ice and it may as well be a pina colada :)

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