Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hot enough for ya??

Yes, I'm going to complain now. Not about the weather (it's truly beautiful and a blessing) but about my tired old body. I had three little people who wanted desperately to go enjoy the park this afternoon - picnic and all. Instead, we ended up in our backyard (for picnic and play) as a compromise since I simply cannot continue to walk around in public at the moment. The heat is making this littlest one more than feisty and wow, I am just spent. Not sure if it's because I never would have dreamed of seeing 80 degree temps in mid/late March or the fact that I'm three weeks from delivery but it's definitely taking a toll. I am pleased to see that it will be heading down to more manageable temps next week. So, what else can I do? I put on my "Love in Full Bloom" tshirt, flowered shorts, and turned on all the fans. God willing we'll all have a bit of a nap and head back outside for dinner. It really is too pretty a day to pass up!

Before changing into my "resort wear" ;) I went to 10 AM Mass, like I have been lately, while the kids are in Mom's Day Out and school. It is a favorite time for funerals and today was just that. It sounds a bit morose, I know, but I'm starting to really enjoy the time I spend at other people's funerals. I love to hear the stories (today a woman was buried who lived to be 100! and there were four priests presiding). I used to wonder why regular members of the congregation would bother attending a funeral of a person they didn't know but now I see it's all about community. We are the community of the Catholic Church. We are all one body. The death of one person affects us all. I am happy to go and witness the passing of some member of our community. It makes me feel good that I can be there to help send them on from this world. I am intrigued by the differences in services as well. I called DH after I got home and said, "you know, if I die in the next 10 years, I'd like to have at least 3 priests say the Mass." One can dream, can't one? We also enjoy discussing our preferred musical selections. I told you before, we're weird like that.

I would go on but I've decided to bake dinner today so the kitchen is something like 90 degrees and this baby is trying to kick his way out so I'll leave you for now. Enjoy the day!

PS - In the middle of writing this I did get snotty with someone who, having no children, wanted to know "how I was doing". You know, 36+ weeks pregnant in the middle of a heat wave. I usually look negatively on those who snap at people who ask stupid questions but I'll stop that now. I see that there are definitely times when it's all you can do to laugh out loud and try your best to limit the sarcasm.


  1. I used to really enjoy catching a funeral at St. B's too! Funerals are always such a beautiful thing.

  2. 3 priests sounds like a pretty safe and wonderful way to go out :) Good call.

  3. Oh, Sue! I feel so badly that you came to PP today for as long as you did! You are a saint. I know sometimes I forget how miserable those last weeks are, and I'm sorry for ALLOWING you to come (sort of joking). I left shortly after 2 because, fortunately, there was another group signed up to pray. Too bad we didn't know that going into it. Well, thanks again for offering your prayers and time in this most inconvenient and uncomfortable of times. I'm sure you'll be greatly blessed!

    1. You're sweet Kellie but you were there too! It wasn't bad for me at all. I am always rewarded from my time at the Vigil. I'm happy you had some reinforcement. I could feel it getting hotter when I was leaving :(

  4. Sue - Who would have expected this heat in March? I love your shirt, BTW. Your story of the 4 priests makes me think of a Mass I attended in Spain. There were only about ten of us in the pews - but 27 priests up front. It was very memorable. - Julie Hall