Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rocco Girls...yuck

Today I was reminded of why, at least subconsciously, I am rooting for this baby to be a boy. Don't get me wrong, I do love my girls, but there is one thing that makes them ever so slightly less desirable than the boys...


On the way home from running errands, little girl tossed her lunch (and part of her breakfast I believe) all over herself and her seat. If you've not had the pleasure, trying to unlatch/unassemble/undo a carseat to properly clean said mess out is a monumental task. There are lots of crevices for this stuff to hide.

To say nothing of my poor little boo. Ug. Total and complete flashback of her sister, start-to-finish. Kind of makes me sad that we (and she) have to go through this again.

Oh well, I suppose there are lots of things that could be and are worse to deal with. The males of the group have their own issues: ear infections, sleeping issues, etc. I am liking the girl name more this time around as well. So, we shall see. We will gratefully accept whomever we meet on April 13th with open hearts and arms. Even if I have to go buy a new bottle of Febreeze ;)

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