Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Society (danger: rant ahead)

Right, so today I think I'll just give up trying to buck the system and move into the mainstream of society. (Don't be alarmed. I won't actually, mainly because of the other adult in the household and because I would feel totally wrong but, wow! today is one of those days).

You know the type I mean. Everywhere I turn I am reminded of what a "freak" I am when it comes to everyone else I seem to meet and the expectations of our society at large.

- at preschool pickup I hear "now, how many babies is this for you?" followed by the blank stare or, worse, the slightly forced smile.

- standing at the bus stop I count no less than 5 cars with kids of all ages (but all under the age of 8) running loose in the car (meaning no car seats or none in use anyway).

- getting an email from the room mother who tells me that the teacher's birthday is tomorrow and the kids should make a card tonight and we should all be there at 2:10 to celebrate (don't worry, when you come to pick up your child you only have to come a few minutes early...What? You mean not everyone picks up their child...some of you actually send your children by BUS?? you have to say it with a great deal of disgust to get the right feeling)

- the "thank you" note from the American Girl party your daughter attended arrives in the mail, complete with a photo of all the girls with their AG dolls (well, most of them have AG dolls)

- a friend (who clearly is also a freak!) tells you how they had to sit next to someone at lunch who was ranting on their cell how all Republicans are anti-woman. (This complaint from my perspective is more about annoying cell use than Republican-bashers only because I know I'm surrounded by that and have come to some peace with it)

So, what the heck. I'm in. I'm ready to run up my credit cards, give my kids anything they ask, let them run free because, after all, they're only children once, they can be socialized when they're older. It's really too depressing and difficult to be the bad guy so often. I'd like to be my kids' "best friend" - someone else will tell them right from wrong. Right? I'm done judging anyone about anything. If you feel it's "right" then, for you, it must be. Who am I to tell you what is best for your or the rest of us out here?

OK, thanks. I know it's a stinky post for Lent but by doing this I believe I can avoid saying it to anyone else "out there". So, thank you for listening. I am weak, I have not yet found a way to keep all these things "in my heart". I pray this doesn't make you want to rant as well. If it does, I'll pray for your patience while I'm praying for mine and, trust me, I'll listen.


  1. Hi Sue, I have your blog on my Google Reader (along with about 100 others that I never have time to read). Couldn't agree more, I swear I was thinking the same thing earlier this week. Keep up the good fight, you know it's worth it!

    Hope that you're feeling well. I'll get to a Meet-up someday...