Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That silence thing...

I've noticed, since posting about silence, I've been a lot more self-selective on what I actually write down. I suppose that's good in a way, since it means I'm trying to be more conscious of what I pass on to you. Still, it doesn't make for much of a blog, does it? I've also had the flu for a week so that accounts for some of the lost posting on my part. (and, the whining about the flu was never posted...silence ;))

So, just a few random things that have been happening as of late.


Did you ever try to plan a few different things and just have to pick dates randomly, only to realize it's turned into the perfect storm? Well, that's life around here this week.

Monday-Thursday (they promise, we'll see) - painters working on the stairwells and living room
Monday - pre-school St. Valentine party
Tuesday - 1st grade St. Valentine party
Wednesday - Mom's day out St. Valentine party
Friday AM - assuming the painters are done and the furniture is back in place, the cleaners arrive for their 2-hours of toil just before...
Mother-in-law arrives at noon.

Yeah, I'm sure that's gonna go without a hitch. Still, I am hopeful. I know for a fact that they have no retreats and plenty of room at St. Emma's that weekend if it doesn't work out so I'll be planning my backdoor escape. Yes, seriously. I may have mentioned that I had the flu (that's the stomach flu) for a week and I'm really not emotionally or physically ready to play hostess in a house that's ripped apart. I know that I am a flawed individual but I can only take so much disruption at once. So, I'm praying. What else can I do?

Valentine's Day and other Parties

This won't turn into a rant, I promise. I'm just so happy to see that the tide, for the moment anyway, seems to be turning away from the ridiculous abundance back to the thoughtful token. I was pleased to see that at least 70% of the "take" this Valentine's Day consisted of a lollipop/pencil/some small trinket attached to a card. Perfect. Yes, there was the bucket 'o candy and junk toys (seriously, it was this little bucket!) and the little hug with a kiss (cute but I have to throw the drink away - makes my heart heart) but, generally, it was completely within reason. Perhaps being a silent witness to the simpler way is making some sort of inroad after all.

In case you're wondering, my kids took lollipops with Holy Cards of St. Valentine attached. We figured a little background and an extra prayer is never a bad thing.

As for the other parties, I have to REJOICE that Dominic's first pre-school birthday party (these are 4-and 5-year-olds) will take place in the boy's HOME with games, snacks and cake. That's right, no Chuck E. Cheese (I still have never been there) or skating rink rental. I am so pleased to see that. If they have a pin the tail on the donkey, I may just tear up! I say all this knowing that I may rent out half a basketball court for two hours for Dom's coming birthday. Forgive me. I will have a one-week-old in the house (you know what that looks like, yes?) and I feel kind of badly that he'll have his birthday so soon after. Could just be the hormones. Stay tuned.

Standing up for Life

For those of you who aren't aware, 40 Days For Life will be starting on Ash Wednesday, February 22nd. If you need more info, go here 40 Days. We have been involved in the Pittsburgh branch for more than a year and it is a difficult, rewarding, life-changing experience. The political agendas these days make it even more important to support Life.

Along those lines, two wonderful women from my Catholic Mom's group will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon as part of a group called Momentium that raises funds to support local pregnancy centers. If you find yourself with a few extra bucks, please support these women in their efforts. The moms and babies thank you :)

OK. Time to go check homework, make cocoa, snuggle, make dinner, and do all the other things that make my vocation so awesome. I love my life :)-O


  1. A big reason my kid has never had a class party is I don't want to do the crazy/elaborate things you mentioned and our house is too small to hold more than a few people.

    I also hate the excessive present part. One year we invited extended family plus family friends (it is usually just grandparents; my brothers live far away) for a pool party at my mother's community, and our invite said no gifts. And only one person (the family friends) complied. Sheesh.

    I like your valentines; Jordan decided to make her own this year, which I thought was a nice idea. Still stuck a hershey kiss to each one, though, but they ARE small.

    Hope you are feeling okay! :-)

    1. Sounds like a perfect Valentine, Facie! Sil probably would have made her own but my dh isn't organized enough to oversee that and 3 other kids while I was down and out...oh well, there's always next year :)

      Ah, yes, the gifts...rant for another time!

      Feeling quite a bit better. thanks!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Sue. I replied on my post, but not sure if you got it-- I absolutely LOVE the St. Valentine's holy card idea (and Sil)...glad your party take-homes weren't that overwhelming this year. I'm hoping this dies down some if we continue to send them to school.

    1. Keep doing what you're doing and people will catch on. I have the feeling there are as many moms who feel obligated as there are those who really want to do the excess so you can lead the former group :) I think it's funny since you're about the craftiest person I know!

  3. We don't do the big parties either. We do take them and a friend to the local minigolf/go-cart place for some fun then back home for cake. It's just crazy otherwise. Why do people think they have to get all crazy for b'days?
    We did the lollipop attached to a small valentine thing too.
    Hope the painting is getting done and that you stay healthy. How long is MIL coming for?

    1. She's just here for the weekend. It will be nice, I can sleep a bit more than a usual weekend :)
      I also like the bring one friend idea - we may try that when the subject comes up.