Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thankful today...

I have a lot of time to reflect in my third-trimester haze these days. It's kind of fun, actually. It's mostly because I'm dead tired from staying up too late but most people, upon seeing my girth, give me the "mommy-brain" benefit of the doubt. This changes to "why do you have so many kids if you can't concentrate on anything" after the baby is on the outside but, for now, I'm in that special pregnancy place. For that I am thankful.

A friend of mine gave me not one but two banana flips today. How thankful am I for that? Very. The friendship and the flips - in that order.

The pharmacist that filled my son's prescription just called to double check his weight because he was troubled by the dosage amount. I am so thankful for the neighborhood pharmacy who knows you and has time to call to "make sure".

I am beyond thankful for my husband. For so many reasons, not the least of which that he is back to putting my socks on for me. Seems like a simple thing but it's such a loving gesture to me. I am so blessed.

I am home for the night, laundry is almost done. Bed soon. Extremely thankful.

I won't bore you with these again but each day, every hour or so, we should take a minute to look for what we have to give thanks. It improves my attitude and just seems like a nicer way to move through the day.

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