Thursday, February 2, 2012

Practicing Silence

I've been trying to catch up with the rest of the book group by reading as much as possible from I Believe In Love, our current selection. Again, I am struck by the workings of the Holy Spirit. Lately, I've been receiving so many clear answers to my questions and, when not so clear, at least something to ponder further in prayer.

My major dilemma these days is: do I act as a quiet example (the best, most well-informed example possible) or instruct and educate when I see people who have forgotten or were never really taught the basics? This comes up often in my life and I've even thought about it with regard to this blog. Should I really try to change minds (by blogging) or simply live my life and let those around me witness and, perhaps, think a bit differently.

During Adoration this afternoon I picked up the book and turned to the chapter on The Apostolate.

But you know, before the apostolate of word and action, there is the apostolate of prayer and suffering, without which the external apostolate would be nothing - nothing at all. Words and actions come only in the last place, after what I call the apostolate of silence in love, which was the great apostolate of Jesus and Mary at Nazareth for thirty years.

Some would say "spooky" but I prefer "intervention of the Holy Spirit". Seriously, now, the whole chapter is about Saints who lived quiet lives and did great things, and the Holy Family, whose lives for thirty years were unknown, the public life of Jesus coming at the end. Their apostolate was to live their quiet, faith-filled lives and prepare for the proper time. Wow.

So, OK I get it. I'm going to do my very best to spend my time quietly living as I have been taught, instead of worrying about the behavior of others. Perhaps silence will be my Lenten activity. Sounds good to me :)


  1. I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately, too and thought our current chapter came at just the right time- of course it did. That's how God works :) Thanks for putting how I've been feeling so nicely.

  2. such good thoughts, Sue. I need to find that book!
    We actually do this with the kids during lent. We practice silence (I guess I got the idea from I Believe in Love?). We might now have tv time in the evening or we turn off the radio in the car on our way to and from places. It's a great exercise to teach children in our very LOUD and busy world, don't you think?