Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Time to sign up!

From our local 40 Days leader:

Do you get the feeling that there is a division happening in our world today?  Does it seem like the separation between light and dark...truth and becoming ever more clear?  I think the ship is getting ready to sail...and we need to make sure we are all aboard before it does!

I keep getting a mental image of a person standing on the shore, where a boat is docked.  They can't decide what they like better...the shore is nice and comfortable.  All the conveniences of food, entertainment and comfort are on the land.  But the boat is where they know they SHOULD be.  That is what is going to save them when the floods come.  So...they figure they will just hang out with one foot on the land and the other on the boat for as long as possible...delaying the decision to get on board until they absolutely have to.  I think the time has now come that the ship is starting to sail...the gap is widening...and if we try to have it "both ways" it is going to get pretty painful, pretty soon! 

It's decision time. Everyone has seen the videos...everyone knows the truth.  (The 10th undercover video was just released today...go to to watch it.) 

Planned Parenthood's pretty mask of being a non-profit organization who just wants to "help women" is off.  And you know what?  There are lots of folks who think what Planned Parenthood does is just fine.  In fact, many people will rush to defend their practices and will call them "good".  Then there are those who, like us, know evil when we see it and want to do whatever we can to stop them.

So, we are divided.  Clearly. 

Which side will you be on?  You can't have it both ways.  You can't stay on the comfortable shore, because the ship is sailing!  Getting on board requires checking your comfort at the door.  It means sacrificing time and convenience and putting yourself out.  It means suffering.  If you willingly suffer for is easy to see that you love them.  Will you suffer for our Lord during these 40 days?  Will you help us to stand in prayerful witness in front of the Planned Parenthood that ended 2,492 lives in 2014?  We still have many open time slots.  Go to to sign yourself up as an individual for as many hours as you can spare.  Or go to to view the schedule of churches that have signed up.  There are 73 of them so far.  Reply to this email if you would like to sign your church up for an empty time slot.  And please consider fasting during these 40 days.  Fast for Planned Parenthood to be defunded.  Fast for David Daleiden as he goes up against this Goliath of the abortion industry.  Fast for an end to abortion and for a stay of God's righteous punishment upon us.  But, if the punishment must come...pray that God's children will be protected.  Sign up to join our 40 day fast by going to

If you are reading from somewhere else, please go to the main website and see if there is a vigil near you where you can pray and witness. It is so important (and yes, quite challenging sometimes) that we stand up and make it known that everyone in our society doesn't think what's happening should be tolerated. Murder is wrong...even if... everything. If you can't go out, fast and pray. It's so important.

We are blessed.

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