Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thanks for waiting.

Last Friday morning we set out for Latrobe. Step Up is on Friday and since it was the second week, I didn't want to miss more than could be avoided. There is karate and art and PowerPoint to learn!

Before Latrobe, though, we made a stop to say "hello" to my dad who would have been 85 the previous week.

and water the crispy flowers

He's not holding his head...he's blessing himself. LOL
As we were leaving St. Vincent, we passed a jogger who was wildly flagging us down. When we stopped, we realized it was because his co-jogger, who was diabetic, had collapsed on the side of the road mid-seizure. How scary. What an excellent time to say a prayer while DH called 911. It was over in a few minutes (the paramedics arrived) but we were happy to have been there when needed.

7 hours later....should have been 6 but there was an accident and we were stuck in traffic...we landed at our roost for the night. My brother's mountain house. It is a beautiful house but if you're an animal lover (live animals) don't look at the next few pictures.

ugly beasts

our roomies

our next door neighbors

country people don't like curtains...I like to was a full see where this is going

I was so touched by this. The states that brought us our niece and nephew :0)

In the morning, while I was trying and failing to sleep, my big brother held a cooking clinic with the kids. It was so good to spend even a little bit of time with him. The godson was thrilled.

He even made G a Mickey Mouse pancake. Good uncle!
We said our goodbyes and headed North (and East, I think). About 3 hours later, we arrived at our home for the next two nights. My husband looks forward to tolerates my choices in lodging. It turned out to be a HUGE blessing. No phone/Internet/TV. We watched the Incredibles one night and played some launch pads on occasion but mostly, it was family time....with our new additions...CHICKENS's a barn. Fabulous!

view from our bed...again, NO curtains

Blondie in her sunbeam

Brothers :0)

Chilly night, roaring fire...perfect.

My dream kitchen. The space was amazing.

They were captivated

even the city boy gathered the eggs!

I was also captivated with the chickens. So much so that DH and I sat up last night adding up the costs involved (we are actually allowed a few in the city!). When the topic of "predators" came up it was enough to sway the discussion to the negative. It's one thing to pay $10 for a dozen (granted, farm fresh!) eggs and another to explain to a 7-year-old where his chicken went. Shudder.

OK, that's your update for today. I will depend on the grace of the Holy Spirit to get me through the next 30 hours and I'll be back with all the highlights of the really must go. It was amazing.

We are blessed.

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