Tuesday, September 29, 2015

“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.” Matthew 11

Right. I may have mentioned we returned from our pilgrimage yesterday. Because I wanted to have "only family time" I felt it better to leave my lesson plans at home. It was the right decision...then I was up until 12:24 this morning trying to finish. Ug. I'm too old for that. Especially after driving 7+ hours. But, you make choices and live with consequences.

I may have also mentioned that 40 Days for Life is happening (at an abortion clinic near you! go sign up and witness, pray and fast!). I have a love-hate with 40 days. I feel so called to it and I want so much for it not to exist. I don't want to stand on the street in front of an abortion clinic. I don't want to smile at people who sometimes smile, sometimes avert their eyes, sometimes make snarky comments. I want abortion to be a long-ago memory. Sigh. No such luck right now.

DH and have been debating lately whether or not you should "educate" people to their misconceptions so that they can make an informed choice to decide whether or not to go against what is right. We agree that you should. Sometimes I would like to remain ignorant. Like this morning around 12:20 AM when I read the 40 Days feed from yesterday and saw this:
20150928_080341“In the face of cowardliness, laziness or excuses, we have to keep in mind that many people depend on our word and example if they are to receive the grace to follow Christ more closely.”   Fr. F. Fernandez
Gah. Leave it to Tim to be the mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit. I had almost convinced myself that I was too tired and busy to go down today, even though there was no reason not to. I am tired (my own doing) and busy (I did grocery shop this morning and my helper is here so, we're good for another day). As I said, no reason.

Off I went. Did I mention that it was POURING rain? It's all good. The garage is open again and I won't melt (a classic phrase of my dear mom). The clarity of those 30+ minutes was a gift of grace that I have come to expect during my time at the vigil. Perhaps this is actually my cross...to stand (rain, sun, cold) and witness (mainly standing and praying, smiling or passing on a "God bless you" sometimes) for the babies, their mothers and fathers, and the people of our city. The dear shift manager who was working when I came down was having the most wonderful dialogue with us about standing in the pouring rain outside an abortion clinic..."for the babies" she said, "we have to save these babies".

Today I realized, what Matthew was talking about with the yoke and burden. If this is my burden, how joyful I am to carry it, knowing that I am surrounded by those who are willing to do the same.

 - Tim, who witnesses every Saturday, 40 Days or not, and always with the face of Christ

 - Bill, who in response to my "good day, Bill?" replied "I'm doing God's work." Love him.

 - Jeannie, who has the God-fueled hope and trust to sign up her parish for 12 hours straight and know that the need will be filled.

 - Me, in my brokenness, who can stand in the rain and pray a rosary with a serenity that isn't easily grasped in my life right now.

Yes...sweetness of the Cross!

So, I will continue to do what I can to listen to and follow the law of the Lord. The flesh is so week (certainly mine is) and society is so full of distraction (does that shirt "spark joy" for you?...do you obsess about having the right dinnerware?) it is easy to become confused about our path. Today I was blessed, having followed His call, to feel without question the rightness of my decision. The peace I had and continue to have from my short time there is my assurance of right praise. (If you heard Bishop Barron's keynote at World Meeting of Families, you know about orthodoxy, aka "right praise"...if not, look it up!)

Pilgrimage recap to come. Promise.

We are blessed.

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