Thursday, September 3, 2015

God's goodness

Sorry about the crabbiness lately. Life has, shall we say, been unsettled at best. Still, the goodness of God is enough to break anyone out of a rut. Today was just what the doctor ordered.

A good morning of schoolwork then off to the orchard. Picking apples with friends, cooking up farmer's market bounty, smells of home-cooked yum to welcome DH from a hard day. How blessed we are!

Sisters working together. It's a beautiful thing.


The march for apples.

He ate his share ;0/

Debating on the best type to choose.

Gorgeous day to spend outside and celebrate God's bounty with friends.

Mmmm. Applesauce tomorrow.

Carnival squash for dinner...roasted with butter and cinnamon. Healthy and fun!

It's threatening to thunderstorm. I think that would make the day just about perfect.

St. Gregory the Great (son of St. Sylvia) Pray for Us!

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