Thursday, September 10, 2015

Annulment, anyone?

This made me laugh. A lot. Perhaps I should stop going to so many Catholic weddings.

Annulment Reforms

On a more serious side, the pre-cana programs need to be a big way. Having seen a few lately, it's kind of vanilla. Let's talk about money and even about sex but include little to no discussion of the Catholic faith. No mention at all about the fact that love within a sacrament involves a lot of sacrifice...remember Christ and the Cross?

All of this annulment reform is not bad in that it shows mercy to those who likely need it but it strikes me as a parent who didn't want to spend any time parenting in the early years so now, when the parent is faced with an unruly teen making big mistakes, they need to "soften" the punishment a bit. Another big piece that's missing is post-marital counseling...

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Of course, if most Catholics who were struggling were able to make friends and find support from those who were walking the same walk they were, it would all aspects of life. We need a few groups run by people who know about and aren't afraid to express the Church's views (of course this requires knowing why the church teaches what it does). More support groups full of people who want to hold hands and say "it's OK" regardless of the "it" isn't helpful. Mercy, yes, but if you want to be a Catholic and reap all the grace that provides, goodness, live like one. If you don't know how to do that, knock until someone answers (it may make your knuckles bloody but trust me, it's worth it).

It's great to have friends and even spouses (sort of) who don't share your beliefs (otherwise, from where would the converts come?) but please understand that their beliefs, especially if you are very close to the person, will have some effect on how yours are shaped and lived. That's why, in the end, it's just easier (not easy, ever) to just be with people who know and believe in the life you want to live.

Just my two cents...remember, in my previous life I was a "good" Catholic closely associated with a non-practicing Jew. Who I am today is a direct result of the choice to make that life "previous" - not easy but necessary.

I am blessed.

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