Monday, January 6, 2014

Wonderful, wonderful evening

One of my brothers is in the final interview process for a job in town. Our town! This would be fantastic because I miss all of my siblings and it would be such a blessing to have one nearby. This one is extra special because he shared all the ups and downs of our most recent trip to Europe. He was invaluable there and I know he would be such a great addition to all of the family festivities here. So, say a prayer...I'm hoping he will be here in a month or two.

The upside of his interviewing means we've been seeing him more often. He was here this past weekend and he brought my nephew along as well which is HUGE for the kids...they love their cousins (especially the big one!) :0) I didn't go on their Christmas Dinner at Mitchell's outing last week so we caught up Friday night. It was a cold, clear, beautiful night. I am so thankful, most especially to my DH, who was willing to wrangle all the kids while I had some sibling time to myself.

Leaving the house I saw this...

The picture is terrible but it was so beautiful. There was the tiniest sliver of a crescent moon (but bright enough to light the entire moon's outline) and the most amazing colors of pink, yellow and blue on the horizon. The air was so cold and clear. I was stopped to stare at the beauty and suddenly I heard the bells from St. Bernard. The Angelus! As if to remind me from whom all this beauty came :0) So I stood and prayed the prayers and just enjoyed the moment of stillness.

Which was good because the 10 minute drive from here to there was, well, kind of trying. Thank God for grace!

It was worth the wait. We sat down and I was greeted shortly by this:

mmm..basil and grapefruit martini

then came this:
titanic wedge of iceberg with blue cheese and bacon
Looking across from me, I saw this on one side:
 this on the other:
Yes, an entire meal with just my big bro and nephew to talk to about all sorts of things. I love, love, love my little people but sometimes it is nice to just get out and enjoy a meal.
Speaking of which...there were also lots of these:

 I am blessed :0)

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