Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday already?

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Actually I do know what day it is this week because I was outside to go to the doctor yesterday (it was FREEZING and I'm happy to be back in my nest). Otherwise, things are pretty much the same all-day, every-day around here. Here is the bed-ridden edition ;0)


Fashion first! Yesterday the doc said everything is healing well with my ankle and gave me a shiny new cast. Of course, I could have picked any color and I really wanted purple. Upon further discussion, however, I found out that purple is really dark and wouldn't be the best to use as a little people canvas. Ultimately I chose orange. Looks kind of like a traffic cone in real life...for Valentine's Day I'm switching to pink!


Prayer. If there is one thing I have in this bed it is an abundance of time. I have been trying my best to fit in a rosary or two (it seems like my friends need more prayers these days anyway) and I've just started to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet. (I know, I'm a little late to the repetitive prayer party, sorry).  I like this one, however. It seems to be a direct-and-to-the-point prayer. Who doesn't want to ask for mercy for the whole world?


Part of the prayer has been religious reading and while I'm still getting sucked back into blogs too often (grrr...) I can at least say I'm up-to-date on my Saint of the Day. This New Year's I resolved to read about one Saint per day and I have been enjoying it a great deal so far. My fall back is 

which is an excellent book with daily suggestions for actions that relate to the particular Saint's virtue. I also subscribe, via email, to Saint of the Day which is equally good and often has even more background on the Saint of the Day in my book. This has been useful for me but also in discussions with the kids while they are passing through my room during the day.
While I would love to be content (or should just be discontented and offer it up) reading and listening to religious things all day, sometimes I need something mindless to pass the time. I had been watching Kitchen Nightmares but I ran out of the free ones so I switched to Bridezillas on Netflix. This used to be a show DH and I would watch on occasion because it was a good exercise in how having a huge disposable income can make one act badly if used for the wrong purpose ( used to be about rich brides in NY). Sometime between then and now (it's probably been 8 years) this show has turned into a train wreck. The people and the LANGUAGE are horrendous. Wow. It's hard to imagine that people can be proud to watch themselves on a show like that and yet there seems to be an unlimited supply of volunteers. I should know better than to watch reality TV but psychological types die hard. My training (or my personality, or both) makes me want to know why people act the way they do. Lately it just makes me kind of depressed to think that this is a large part of the people roaming our country. 

I'm also reading non-religious material to pass the hours. Some of it is goofy murder mystery stuff but recently I requested this from the library Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking by Susan Cain

I've only gotten into the first part and I'm working on a post all about this book but so far,'s really eye-opening. I have known all my life that I'm an introvert (it doesn't mean "shy/misanthrope" btw) but this is so well-done as far as pointing out the value society places on extroverts, sometimes to the detriment of society itself. Of course, all things in moderation - neither personality type is better and both are needed...still, watching the proliferation of reality TV shows, I can't help but think she may have a point (more on this later).

I've been learning a few things during this time of confinement. Ultimately, I have had to humble myself and ask for help. It's not a good place for me, depending on others. As the youngest of five, I'm not sure if I spent so much of my early life being taken care of that I now relish making my own decisions or what it is exactly but asking for help is hard for me. So, even though it has been bumpy at times, I have been blessed by the result. I have realized that there are indeed many, many good people around who are more than willing to help out and that for that I am grateful.

I just got off the phone with a good friend. If you know me you must know that I will forever choose text/email over the phone. I just don't enjoy it. This has caused me some grief in life when I interact with people who either love the phone or who need to use it because they have to talk while they are going from point a. to point b.. Our talk today lasted well over an hour and it reminds me that, perhaps I can actually enjoy a phone conversation if the topic is meaningful. In my state, from this bed, I was able to work through things that she was processing and, I think, ultimately it was a help. It was so good for me to use that hour to turn outward and help someone else. I am blessed.

Have a good weekend, stay warm! Head over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.

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  1. Ugh - Bridezillas! I guess I never saw the show in its original form. I've only caught an occasional partial-episode in the past year or so, and you're exactly right. I can't believe people act that way (and are, I guess, at least ok - if not proud - of that fact, since they volunteered for the show). I usually wonder what the heck the groom is thinking.

    If you're looking for any more prayer ideas (you know, to change things up - haha), try The Divine Praises. Just the other night, I was reminded of them, and realized I hadn't said them for a couple years. Awesome prayer.