Sunday, January 5, 2014

Steer Clear of Royal Welcomes

Avoid a big to-do,
A king who would slaughter the Innocents
Will not cut a deal for you...

Time to go home by another way
Home by another way
You have to figure that God's saying play the odds
And go home by another way

- James Taylor

Can't get through this day without that song playing in my brain. Anyway, I digress...

We have been miserable in bed with the flu celebrating the joy of Christmas around here for the last 12 days! I know! Our tree is still up and decorated! I hope you have been celebrating as well.

This year, the Three Kings made an appearance in our home every day - from Christmas until today - looking for The Star so that they could pay homage to the newborn King. Needless to say, it's a big house and they didn't exactly take the direct route.

They spent a few days looking out windows for the star...

Several days making their way from floor to floor...

Were even led astray a few times by the wrong star(s)...
"star" Christmas cookies were in there with the gingerbread men

or maybe they were just hungry from their journey.

Child #1 finally made star maps so that they might figure it out!
Good maps, I guess, since this morning they had arrived!
I like this tradition a lot. It keeps Christmas and the journey to find Jesus foremost in our brains around here. Even DH, after the initial skeptical looks, got into it and found some of the more clever situations in which to place the kings.
Today, after having a leisurely morning (goodbye Mass for our dear priest last night) and afternoon at Family Rosary (1st Sundays at 2 PM, St. Bernard...stop by!), we finished off the day with our house blessing. I've been sick so it wasn't nearly as well put together this year (that and one of the kings refused to take part) but it's still such a great moment, processing through our home, singing "We Three Kings" and blessing each room. This is a tradition I look forward to for many, many years.
Very excited to carry the gold this year!

2014 already!

Mr. Frankincense

The final blessing at the Slovak manger when the gifts are presented. What a perfect place!
Wishing you a blessed Feast of The Epiphany! May we all continue to seek Him daily.
We are blessed!



  1. We'll celebrate Ephiphany tomorrow (the old calendar doesn't transfer feasts to Sunday). I like the idea to sing We Three Kings while we write up the blessing. What did the kids "do" with the gifts they carried?

    1. In the final blessing of the manger, each gift is presented to Jesus. They stay there until everything gets put away :0)