Monday, January 13, 2014

Rocks are cool...

After family adoration this morning, we headed over to the art/natural history museum. The fact that they are together and right next door to the main city library is just another reason I love this town. We were meeting friends who were delayed taking care of their pregnant mama who is not having a terribly pleasant first trimester (so, all of you who have been there - offer up one of your annoyances today for the grace she needs to get through this difficult time!).

We were headed to the Hall of Architecture which, tragically, was closed(!) for removal of the Christmas trees (duh me...who knew they would wait until the Christmas season was over?). So, as a backup plan, we headed to the minerals/crystals/gemstones exhibit since that's what #1 has been studying in science lately. Who knew how cool this stuff could be?

First came the Geology Hall and the Stratavator

"travel" down 16,000 feet below the earth's surface in this little capsule to see different layers of rock (coal, limestone, etc.) We only made it half way down before the little people got too nervous ;0)

No worries since they have this cool map of PA outside with all the local geological information.
On to the mineral/rock/crystal hall. Some very cool examples with the countries listed.

Good review of 2nd grade science ;0)

These crystal formations were so cool!

Can't wait until DH gets home to see if he can recreate them with our fort set.


By far, however, the coolest thing I have ever seen rock-wise, was the Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Room where they use ultraviolet radiation at different levels to cause minerals to glow different colors. Even Blondie was impressed.
Marveling at the wonders of creation is an excellent way to spend a Monday morning. We are so blessed to have all of these wonderful resources in our neighborhood. We even caught up with our friends and ran around outside to enjoy the beautiful day for a while.

Have a blessed day!

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