Saturday, January 18, 2014

Comic relief

OK, my pity party is over (for now at least). I appreciate all the prayers coming my way. That has been a huge part of bringing me out of my funk. My kids, as always, make up the difference.

Yesterday, this was delivered to me...
I mean, how can you not giggle? I felt badly when she said "do you know why it's called 'Casting's'?" and I couldn't come up with a thing...duh. Other than that, I think it's about the sweetest thing ever (except for the fact that there is nary a stitch of alcohol in the house so I'm confused by the "bar" reference and, to my knowledge, we've never offered draughts. LOL)

Today I received the "frequent visitor brochure" that explained the program and how I could use coupons for free hugs and favorite cello tunes to earn rewards from room service. The other little people come in about once a day with cards to cheer me. If I have to be here, I'm glad it's with this bunch of sweet little people. I am so very blessed.

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