Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We are blessed!

I've noticed that sometimes, in His infinite mercy, God will give you some sweetness just before or even during some difficulty you will endure. We were blessed with some of that sweetness today as we shared our time with some wonderful friends who will soon leave us for the next chapter of their lives out west.

It has been an amazing honor to walk with this family for the last five years. I know that the kids will miss their friends and I will sure miss the fun of all these little people running around but, most of all, I will miss my good friend. She has been with me since the early days of my motherhood and we have added several babies together along the way. I have been blessed with her empathy and counsel. I know she will be a blessing to all of those women in Wisconsin who will benefit as I have.

Still, I can't be sad on a day like today...we saw the DUCK! You know the giant yellow thing in the river?!? OK, it was cool but frankly, the time spent at the fountain seemed a bigger hit with my kids. It was good to be there and feel the mist after being away so long (it's been MANY years since I've been there). It was also good to be downtown and see all the Pirates fans. What a great day to be in the 'Burgh!
Serious pose (C is transfixed)

Silly pose

Little girl, big duck

I just hear the Jaws theme...but cuter

8/9ths of the group

Beautiful girls :0)

They wouldn't let me take it from close up.

Lunch time!
One last pose

The stroller-bound ;p

Love, love, love our friends!

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  1. We love love love you all! And will miss you guys so much!

    p.s. I especially love the jaws theme and the stroller bound :^)