Monday, October 7, 2013

Blessings of Our Lady

Today, on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, I am reflecting a bit on the work of The Blessed Mother in my life. Since making the Consecration to Jesus through Mary in August, I am much more aware of her guidance in my every day life. Here are my "Five Faves" ;0)

Helping others
Today we dropped off a meal to a mom who had her newest baby about a month ago. Having just prayed the Joyful Mysteries, we reflected on how that figures into visiting, feeding or praying for others who are in need.
Motherly Care

Lately, I have been praying fervently for a friend who is in need of extreme protection from worldly influence. If she can be a bit more patient, she can reap the full beauty, not just the momentary satisfaction that comes with the social mores of our land. I think my prayer for her yesterday was "Blessed Mother, wrap her in your mantle and hold her tightly a bit longer." Of course, Mary can no more take away our free will than can God but I think she can hold us strongly by the hand, like any good mother.
Motherly Example
Some days work well around here, some are more of a challenge. Most days I am begging the Blessed Mother to make me more like her - the way she nurtured, taught and cared for her Son. Today she gave me the grace and patience to do just that...20 minutes at Adoration giving thanks to and Adoring her Son in the Eucharist, dropping off meals, doing our schoolwork, taking good naps. Many days I do feel like she is there in my heart and theirs, helping us all work together a bit better.

Motherly Protection
Yesterday we were scheduled to stand vigil at 40 Days for Life from 6-7 PM as part of the Catholic Home School group. About an hour before we left, I realized that the Pirates game would be in full swing so the bars nearby may or may not be full of patrons who had been celebrating for the last few hours. I had a bit of panic, knowing that standing there alone is an entirely different experience from standing there with five little kids (the latter opening you up to new and different forms of abuse). I said a Hail Mary and asked that she watch over my family, protecting us from difficulty. There was one small issue but, considering the time of day and the type of day, it was fairly free from stress.
Motherly Love
I am constantly praying to Mary to show me more ways to bring my children to her Son...ways to teach them our faith and plant the seeds they will need as they grow and move into society. The answer doesn't always come as something that fits my schedule or my temperament. Pets, for example. We don't do pets...we have a hermit crab...this is the closest I will come to a pet while someone is still in diapers (after that we will have a cat). I will never be a dog person. Sorry, dogs make too much noise and require too much care. I am full-up with noise and care at the moment. So, when the kids asked to attend the animal blessing with Hermie yesterday, we walked through the really HOT (it was crazy-hot for October!) day and stood with LOTS of dogs so that Hermie could receive his blessing. Ultimately, I am thankful that we went. It was time in our parish community and time as a family. They learned that even pets can benefit from blessings. I hope (since we do it fairly often) they realize that even though we had other things to accomplish at home, it's always the right thing to take time out and head back to church - gathering and giving thanks.


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  1. haha - hermit crab blessings! cute. I am totally with you about dogs. I could come up with a list of at least 100 reasons why we will NEVER EVER own a dog. But cats are fairly self-sufficient, which makes them good pets most of the time.