Thursday, October 24, 2013

Giant steps are what you take...

I hope my legs don't break...

Thank you Mr. Sting, Mr. Browne and Mr. Jackson (Joe) for being my companions on my Run for the Little Flowers 5k this morning. I am pleased to report, while I don't know the ending time (because my gps quit after the 2nd mile), my first two miles were personal records and while that is slower than lots of people walk, it's still cool to me. I don't need a starting gun if I have 36 degree weather pushing me forward ;0) Perhaps one day I can run somewhere flat, say Michigan or Wisconsin, and actually break that 10 minute mile. LOL.

Me in my duds...I am nothing if not colorful.

My post-run accessory (after the run, not during!). No one said "don't run" but they make me wear this crazy thing. I'm giving it about a week. Then I'll just offer it up and wince.
So, see, even I did this so you can too. Next October, please join me for this run. It is fun and it does a lot of good for the tiny people. We are blessed!

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  1. I cannot believe you did it and are in a boot! Thanks for supporting the run and take care of that leg!