Saturday, October 12, 2013


Lately it seems like we're on the run constantly. I'm not a fan of that at all but sometimes it works out. Today, for instance. Non-stop activities from beginning to end but lots of fun along the way!

1. Family Pictures!

I always try to snag a Groupon for these since they're so darn expensive. This year we went with Portrait Scene and had the shots taken at Phipps Garden Center. Beautiful place, a few cranky little people (the littlest one mainly...he just wanted to play in the fountain). So, we'll see how they turn out. Still, for $19, if we get even one good shot, I'm happy!
A nice group shot minus Mr. Crabby pants ;0p
2. Duquesne Homecoming!

We don't usually go to homecoming at Duquesne. I think because it's my undergraduate alma mater (not dh's) but also because it seems like such a production. Today we had a beautiful day to check out the campus, have some yummy food, play some games and enjoy family time together.
The science fraternity making ice cream with liquid nitrogen

Science lab? check!

It was quite good actually

Go Dukes!

Playing Duquesne Plinko
3. Slovaktoberfest!
We are now proud members of the Western Pennsylvania Slovak Cultural Association and today was their Slovaktoberfest, aka Slovak beer tasting, at Sonoma Grille. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon with my beloved. Meeting new friends and enjoying good beer and amazing food. 

That first beer translates as "Thirsty Monk" - cute

Ham, mayo and horseradish on bread. Slovak sushi. Yum!

4. Dormont Street Fair! 

This is the first year we've actually made it down to this event. Usually there is something else happening or we don't feel like immersing ourselves in the local culture. However, Aunt and Uncle are also in town this weekend so they were kind enough to come along. That makes 4 adults to 5 kids...pretty much even. We saw some friends we hadn't seen for a long time and had a nice walk so it turned out to be a nice evening.
PA state requirement in fire safety? Check!

My cookies with the cookie

Hey...did a giant cookie just walk by?

And, hey. Here is a giant green bear!

Enjoying supper on the sidewalk. Ahhh, city life ;0p
It was a good, packed, beautiful day but I am bushed. Off to bed to get some sleep before tomorrow's non-stop fun. We are blessed!

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  1. We did portrait Scene through Groupon- good deal! It's nice to see your kids smiling faces!