Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teaching our children...Part 2

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Truly, I didn't know there was an actual day for this. I'm not one for "National day of  ..." but, to each his own. For my part, considering the day, I think it's pretty cool that the Holy Spirit gave me such an important and timely teaching moment today.

I was heading to a local church to pick up my kids from Catechesis of The Good Shepherd this morning. When I pulled into the lot, I noticed a bunch of the school kids and a deacon "planting" a multitude of white crosses on the front lawn, along with a sign that says "Pray to End Abortion" (the crosses are to remember the children lost to abortion). What a beautiful sight that was. What an awesome Catholic school to teach such an important lesson.

White crosses - anti abortion protest Stock Photo - 4073075

With a 3- and 4-year-old in the car, it's sort of hard to ignore 30+ crosses that weren't there when you arrived. So, it went like this:

Child #3 - What are those for?

Me - They are to remember the babies who died from abortion and are in Heaven.

Child #3 - What is abortion (he's heard this answer...perhaps not enough)?

Me - Well, sometimes mommies and daddies don't think they want a new baby because they have too many or because they're not ready or because they're scared so they see a doctor and the baby goes to Heaven.

Child #3 (indignant) - Why wouldn't they want another baby? Who would do this?

Child #4 - My sister went to Heaven!

Me - Yes, sweetie, she did. That was God's plan so we know it was the right one. The trouble is when a person, who isn't God, decides that a baby should go to Heaven. That isn't God's plan and it's not the right one. That is why it's very, very sad.

I think most people know that miscarriages and stillbirths happen. It is sad, yes, but it is His will. I am at peace with that. I would like to make more people aware of all the babies who, unlike my baby, went to Heaven according to man's plan, not God's.

Today and every day, let's remember those who were lost against their will and against His will. Surely we can all share that sorrow and pray for the day when it will no longer be.

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