Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Fall Favorites

It's Fall. I can't deny it so I'm not trying. I don't hate Fall, I don't even hate what comes after Fall. I just really dislike dressing and undressing five little people (and, now, it's only like 3 little people so I'm done complaining). Here are my five favorite things about Fall.

1. Sporties!
When park days are a memory it's time to move indoors and get our energy out. This year #s 3&4 are eligible for Sporties for Shorties, a program for preschoolers that teaches the very basic fundamentals of several different sports. Since we're not the competitive sort here but still want the short people to know the difference between a basketball and soccer ball, this is right up our alley! Today's sport was basketball - ball handling, shooting and lots of running. This equals sleep immediately following - triple bonus!

2. Fall Food
Isn't it nice when you can turn on the oven again without melting into a puddle? I am all about Fall foods - soups and stews. I just found recipes for chicken and butternut squash soup and mid-winter minestrone (OK, a bit early on that one but I have all the ingredients!). Yum.
3. What is Fall Food without apples?
We went apple picking with friends a couple of weeks ago so I guess it's time to make the sauce (or wait for the hard cider ;0) ) I had a friend helping me as I peeled and chopped and dumped into the crock pot (actually he ate while I peeled). Back from our daily errands and the house smells AMAZING and the sauce is ready to freeze. Except that, like every year, they will eat it all before that happens. Oh well. Perhaps I will make more tonight and hide it before they wake up!

3. Decorations
Around here, Fall decorations have to last through Thanksgiving so we stay away from specifically "Halloween" decor and go straight for harvest. This year I got my bale of hay (DH is never a fan) and I strategically placed on it the pumpkins we picked on our apple outing (the green one makes me smile every time I see it). It's not Martha Stewart but it's good enough for this house. Just a little touch to say we're not too busy to notice the seasons changing. (Yes, if it were up to me I would have a GIANT mum behind the whole thing...alas, when I was leaving for the farm, DH's only words were "NO GIANT MUMS" So, it's not me, it's him.)
4. Respect Life Month
Every October is not only dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary but it's also Respect Life month. This month we have we been attending the vigil at 40 Days for Life as much as possible and we've also been working on respecting one another as God's handiwork. Think of it. Would you approach people or situations differently if you tried (sometimes with all your might!) to see Jesus there? It is an interesting and important exercise.
5. "Falling Back" and hour
For anyone who loves to sleep, it's your time of year. Cold and dark in the mornings...what is better than lounging around in your bed for an extra hour or two? Sadly, that has not been my life for more than 6 years now. I would love to sleep in on any given day but responsibilities deem otherwise. Oh well, the good part of the dark, cold mornings is my kids. The two that never want to sleep will usually stay under the covers until about 7. Definitely a positive!

We are blessed!


  1. Tell me more about this Sports for Shorties thing...I would love for Juls to get into something like that!

  2. what's wrong with a giant MUM? I used to despise mums but now I embrace the little bit of color they add to the fall landscape. I finally planted some in my sparse front mulch area last week. the yellow ones bring me so much joy!

    1. Nothing, I like them a lot. Like the giant poinsettia, however, they are costly and will be thrown away after a few weeks. (I have no more space to transplant in my yard). Double fail.