Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 230)
All I can say is TGIF. Today has been the worst of the worst and I am DONE. #1 child is in her room writing "I am not an adult" 500 times (no, it's not excessive...dh wouldn't let me give her 1000 because he didn't think she could count that high. pshaw...or however you spell that). The rest are wisely resting in their beds. Seems a shame to waste a beautiful day but behavior is behavior. If you act badly, there should be consequences.
I make this with the disclaimer that, yes, those were my two children arguing and pushing one another on the tennis court just now, followed by a shrieking 8-year-old (mama was soooo very proud - not). If it helps, I immediately pulled her off the court and her lesson was done for today. Having been to more music/dance lessons and sporting events/practices lately, I'm wondering: why don't parents pull their kids who misbehave? Why, when there are little boys being disrespectful to the coach or little girls who would rather talk than listen to the instructor, do the moms/dads just sit and talk to other moms or read their Kindle? Just thinking out loud here. If there was a "do not reprimand your child in public" memo, clearly I missed it.
Whew. Vent over. Thanks for letting me get that out. Yesterday, these came in the mail...
Aren't they DELIGHTFUL? The kids said, "wow, Mom, they're REALLY bright." Yes, they are. I'm so excited to go out with them tomorrow. I may even get up early. Oh, and they are Mizuno! I spent my entire high school career sporting a sweet pair of Mizuno volleyball shoes. The best ever. I hope the runners are as comfy. Ahhh, sweet nostalgia.

 Dubliner with Irish Stout
This, my friends, is Kerrygold Dubliner with Irish Stout. I ran across it at Market District last week and had to try some. Oh, my. This is some kind of amazing cheese! Sharp, crunchy in parts, crumbly, so fab with a Guinness or even a Cabernet. Oh, and it's coated in GREEN wax. So very cool. We're kind of cheese people and this is definitely one that we'll be serving more often!
Over the last few weeks, God has given me the graces I've needed to finally realize that our parish is where we belong. I have struggled for many, many years with the place we've decided to call our religious home. It is the "Cathedral of the South Hills" complete with all the pomp that goes along with that. It is a beautiful space and there are many special people who fill the pews. Still, it is a see-and-be-seen parish. We have sports celebrities (I touched a Superbowl Ring at the sign of peace a few months ago) and we have news personalities and we have wealthy businessmen and women. People line up for the right to be married in our amazing church. If you want an aisle in which to make your entrance, we've got the place for you! All of that turned me off from the moment we started attending here. I've never been the "show vs. substance" person. I don't care what the space looks like...the community is most important to me. So, little by little, God has been making the community more clear to me. We have made such wonderful friends here and our pastor is the greatest ever. He goes out of his way to engage the children and make us all feel welcome. Last week he took time out of his very busy day to give me a pep talk that was sorely needed. Going to daily Mass, having Armata Bianca here, helping with the Baptism Preparation class...there are so many things that make this place comfortable for me. It's nice to have a home.
This morning I said to my husband "I'm turning into one of those people who don't know who the Kardashians are." Even though we both laughed, I'm kind of thankful for that fact. We used to be completely tuned into the "reality TV" boom. We got busy and gave it up. Now, when I look at teasers or see someone watching an episode at the library, I just chuckle. I wonder if people realize that "reality TV" isn't really reality? Why do people care about someone "game playing" aka lying, or what this "wife" said to that "wife"? I'm a little disturbed at the trend society is taking. More on that for another time. Let's just say it's probably better to talk with your spouse, go for a run, or just read a book. Yes, the libraries are still there! They would love to see you ;0) Oh, and pick up an auto/biography, not the latest romance novel. Learn a little something.
I realize that this list has been totally random. I'm beginning to understand that my life is like that. At any given moment I'm teaching division or helping someone learn to cut and paste or arranging a play date or cooking dinner or talking a friend through a difficult decision or trying to keep the clutter monster at bay. I think the multitasking is to blame for my randomness. This morning I stayed in bed an extra 5 minutes which made me 5 minutes later getting dressed so that I could get my 3 of the 5 dressed and fed before we headed out to Mass at 8. I wanted to check up on my email so I grabbed my phone as I headed into the bathroom. Then, I thought, I don't have to multitask right now. I would really, really like to just do what I need to do, concentrate on my kids and get my day underway. So, I did. I'm not saying I always do that but it was a good start. I think I'm going to start leaving my phone in random places and forgetting it there. So if I don't answer right away, you know what happened.
PS - 40 Days for Life is underway! If you're in the Pittsburgh area, go to and sign up for a vigil time or pledge to fast for a day. Defending life in all its forms is so important. Defending the unborn is our most sacred duty. God bless!



  1. Oh we all have those days and you are more than welcome to vent! And I LOVE the punishment you gave to her oldest. We had Samantha write "I will not lie" 500 times once and I know it was a common punishment for us as kids. My sis tried to use carbon paper once and man...did she regret that!
    I love your shoes. I have neon pink ones and they might hurt your eyes if you look directly at them! Enjoy your run tomorrow.
    Hoping to make it to your beautiful Church one day. It's such a blessing to have community of believers to share your faith with.

    1. The carbon paper is priceless! That so would have been me ;0)
      You are welcome at St. Bernard any time (but wait a month or go on the weekend...the main church is closed for repairs at the moment!)