Thursday, September 19, 2013

My beloved...

Some days my husband annoys me. Truly. It's as if his only goal in life is to get me agitated after I have just spent 8 hours with 5 mostly unreasonable little people. Thankfully, though, that is rare. Most days we're just kind of getting things done. I know he loves me and I hope the opposite is true but other than kissing hello and goodbye, it's kind of ships passing in the night.

Yesterday, however, we shared some time (bills, Internet and TV-free!) after the kids went to sleep and laughed...a lot. Since we rarely get this opportunity any more, I am so happy for it. It gave me a glimpse of a time when babies are older and more independent and we can spend more time concentrating on one another like we did in the "good old days"! 

I am blessed!

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  1. Ships passing in the night...yes, that is how I have felt recently with my husband. He's just been so busy and it's been hard to pin him down. I suggested to him today that we take on a "project" soon (such as refinishing some furniture together in the evenings). We have a few things waiting in the basement. Having a shared task is always a good opportunity to finally catch up and just enjoy one another's company.