Monday, September 16, 2013

Let's Root, Root, Root, For Our Home Team!

Wow. What a great day for some baseball!

On Sunday we were blessed to finally(!) get to our family baseball game this year. We were joined by some home school friends and we had a blast. The Bucs even won a very exciting contest against the Cubs. The boys were hysterical saying "The Cubbies are having a bad day!"

It's Sunday and that means kid fun outside before the game begins. We love Saul ;0)
It was little man's first game and he was AWESOME!

Our friends' son, like our son, has a talent for amusing Mr. G

Thanks to a small catnap he made it through the whole 9 innings!
What an amazing day. We have been blessed with some new friends that seem to be turning into good friends and for that I am thankful. Parenting is a wild ride. It's good to have some fun and faithful people riding along. We are blessed.

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