Monday, September 2, 2013

You know you want more!

I was talking with our dear neighbor this evening (please pray for her and her husband who is currently in rehab with a broken arm...they are so sweet and, in their 80's, have adopted our entire family in the most grandparently of ways). Anyway, I was telling my neighbor that I was sad to have not gotten into as many churches as I had hoped to and yet, look! Three entire blog entries! So, here is the last installment.

Kosice - St. Elizabeth

This Cathedral in Kosice is another amazing structure. Like most others, it was built over a period of hundreds of years and so possesses different styles of architecture (don't ask me...I tried to listen but I was kind of tired at this point). Just look. It was beautiful. And the coolest thing is that the Chapel of St. Michael (which is almost as big as St. Bernard's) is right next door. I love these places with all these Catholic churches from which to choose :0)

See? St. Michael...right next door!

Vienna - St. Stephen's

On our last day in Europe, we got to spend a few hours in Vienna. I will say two things about Vienna; 1. I would live there in a heartbeat. It is such a European city - the walking district is second to none. 2. If I lived there I would never, ever, own a 9-passenger van. There was not enough liquor in the city to steady my nerves after driving down these streets which were clearly made for a Mini and not much else. Still, we survived and saw some wonderful sights.

Amazing to walk around the corner and see this

or this


The giants in front of the church model ;0)


such an amazing space

Mass was actually going on. That would bug me. You have to get the guard to let you through the gate because, well, you're a parishioner not a tourist.


So, that's the end of the churches. Our time in Vienna was short but amazing. I still can't believe we were all sitting there, on a Wednesday night, eating in an outdoor cafĂ© in the middle of Vienna. This is the greatest picture ever...everyone is tired, hungry and stressed. Then there is the happy guy.

noodle boy and his sister, mustard girl
And because you can never get enough...another plague statue

Thanks for coming along on our most amazing pilgrimage. It was such a blessing - days we will never forget! We are blessed!


  1. Gorgeous churches! Looks like an amazing trip.

    Also, your husband has really cool glasses. I just showed them to Tom, and told him he should get the same kind :-)

    1. They would look cool and retro on Tom. They just make Pat look like my dad ;-)