Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Week

We are back in the swing of things this week, even with the holiday. We actually started school in July but then took a break so school pictures were the first thing on the agenda for Tuesday!
She wanted the sign but didn't feel like holding one ;0)

How cute is this kid? He insists on wetting his hair and fixing it like this for every picture.


Big brother practicing his "reading aloud"

Our "class" for 2013-2014!


All week we have had a real-life construction lesson outside our door - they repaved our road. Endless fun for the little boy in the house :0)

Has this weather been amazing or what? We enjoyed the privilege of schooling out-of-doors with a trip to the park with friends. It was mainly recess but there was also a spelling lesson and some math problems in the car during the trip. We love home schooling!

#1 is waaayyyy over there on the swing. This place was a huge maze. Kind of cool.
Knob Hilll park - about 30 min away but a really excellent space. Lots of green for picnics and a castle park (like Dormont but MUCH bigger)

Hope you are enjoying these amazing days. We are blessed!


  1. Whoa, are you actually doing anything for nursery school?

    1. Certainly nothing formal! She colors a lot ;-)

  2. I love when education comes right to your door.

    Thanks for inviting us to the park- we had a fun morning, despite getting the location wrong for a while :^)