Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I love my life...

I realize that some of the posts here have been kind of sad/deep lately so, here's my attempt at cheery ;0)

Seriously, though, I am thankful almost every minute of every day and I tell God that as I'm running from one thing to another. Since you can't hear me talking to God (I'm really quiet), here are a few things...just so you know I'm still my chipper old self.

1. I love that my kids sing. OK, there are times (at the dinner table!) that I would rather not hear a rousing edition of "Table of Plenty" (however appropriate) but it's so nice to hear them sing through their day. Since we lost Kids Place Live a few months ago, it's mainly hymns and VBS songs. Which is my personal preference.

I wish I had an audio file for this. Right now #3 is singing a VBS song as loudly as possible and the other ones are joining in on occasion. I think we're going to do an entire month's lessons in song. Perhaps that will help with memory!

2. Our summer trip. We were so blessed to make it to Slovakia and back! The churches and the family experiences were amazing. Now, having reflected on those things, we are starting to remember (and unearth) some of the funny/interesting things from our trip:
They sell Coke with your name (or Slovak equivalent) and "Duff" beer (for all you Simpson's fans)

This is their local cola...it has extra bylinkova...which, I know now, translates to "Herb"...don't know about you but I'm not sure herbs really belong in cola.

The Smurfs are BIG in Slovakia. And now you know that "Smurfette" is called "Smolinka" in Slovak!
3. Little people friends. It's great to have friends that are my friends but when their little people get along with my little people. Well, that's just about as good as it gets :0)

4. My nerdy husband. I say that with the utmost love and respect! He listened in science and math and now, when the time comes to talk about deca-whoozit or tetra-whatever, he's the guy I call.

5. Fall. Not for the weather, I'm kind of a Summer girl. It depresses me that in a few months I will need to deal with five sets of snowsuits dripping (only that part - I love being out in the snow, if not the cold!). What I love about Fall is the increased need for the Crock Pot (aka, busy mom's favorite dinner-maker). I made a huge pot of beef and butternut squash stew the other day and froze most of it for a chilly evening to come. Yum.
6. Running and Rhapsody. Yes, I started again. I have actually run this much  in September

If you can't read it, it's just shy of 23 miles this month (be kind you runner types...it's good for me)!!! I am kind of shocked myself. Mainly it's a reason to separate myself from the little ones for a few hours a week (although G man does come along on occasion) and listen to my AWESOME playlist of 80's tunes, courtesy of Rhapsody. Seriously? I love this app. So many songs I haven't thought about for years. Elton John's "Island Girl", XTC's "Dear God", Paul Simon's "The Obvious Child". Whew...I have hours of songs to listen to. I think this will go on for at least another month ;0)

And, no, I'm not losing weight because...

7. My beautiful neighbor. The woman who lives down the street has nine grown children. NINE! I think she feels a kinship to me (even though I'm a slacker baby-wise) because many times a month immediately after a new baby but even now, at random times (like today, bless her) she drops by a dinner casserole, cookies and BREAD. Lovely Italian soft, yummy bread. So, yeah, I guess I need to run.

Thanks for listening. I AM BLESSED!


  1. You are blessed! I had a laugh at #4, as we're in the same boat here (and Pat is being funny). And nice job with the running! You're doing a lot better than I am! I think I've run 8 miles so far this month... our treadmill is broken, and I don't like running around here... sigh.

  2. I really need to unearth and discover the hidden potential of my crock pot. sigh.
    I just don't think of it and have many GOOD recipes.
    beef and butternut stew most likely wouldn't "fly" very well over here. although I am intrigued!
    great job on the exercise. I can't wait to get back out and start walking again. I'll have the extra umph of pushing a double stroller this time! :-0

    1. Crockpot roasted chicken is the basis of many excellent meals here...check the magic of the Internet. Recipies a plenty.

      Indeed. A double stroller plus about 50 pounds = great workout!