Friday, May 3, 2013

Stages of Life

In all this hand-wringing over will-we or won't-we have more children (still don't know, sorry) I think I may have been missing some whisperings of the Holy Spirit about this specific time in my life. Perhaps the path is more clear than I had originally believed.

Nearly 4 1/2 years ago, I felt pretty much alone as a Catholic mom who, with my husband, was trying to raise our children up in the faith. Taking a leap of faith, I started a group on If you don't know about us and want more info, go here. Catholic Moms Group of Pittsburgh

I have been so blessed as a result of starting the group, it's hard to really put a value on what the women have meant in my life. I feel like, with two or three specifically, I have grown up in my "mommyhood" with their support, prayers and help. I remember starting out with them all those years ago, when our families were full of babies and we were all just making it through the day. Well, I was just making it through the day, anyway.

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with three of these wonderful women and their families at two different parks (we met two families in the morning and one in the evening). As always, it was wonderful just to watch the kids play together and enjoy having a chat over things important and not so. It seems like life is moving quickly and it was nice to just relax and catch up.

Today, though, was a little different. Knowing that one will be leaving by the end of the summer, finding out that another is in the same situation and the third, well, it's only a matter of time. Young families don't seem to stay put, especially when they are here for schooling concerns. I realize this going in but it still stings a bit knowing that this summer will mean the last park days watching all of our little ones together.

So, I've been sitting here wondering if this is yet another transition phase. Moving out of a life with babies, surrounded by other women with babies, and on to making friends with "school-aged" moms. I guess we will see. I still have babies, I know, and I'm not trying to rush that. It is a funny feeling, though, having one foot in each camp knowing that you are about to take that step to stand firmly on the other side.

I guess, ultimately, new babies or not, I am just going to spend a few days (or months, more likely) being so very grateful for these women and their families. They have always been there to support, encourage and befriend me...most often on days when I was feeling so alone and inept. Their friendship has carried me through the newness of motherhood and I am so blessed by having known each of them. I will miss them dearly.


  1. Sorry to hear that friends are moving away. I've experienced so much of that these past few years, and it's always very sad.

    It's interesting what you say about the "baby" stage verses the "school-age" stage. Recently, I find myself longing to be in the school-age stage with my kids...I'm so excited to have more advanced conversations with them, take them to cool activities, play games with them, teach them what I know, and to homeschool them! I know I really need to just enjoy this phase now, though. Once hen S + S are finally school-aged - even if I do have other babies by then - it won't be the same...

    1. Thanks - luckily there are many wonderful women still around!

      You are right that you will never be in this stage again so enjoy babyhood! I loved having time with S&D before everyone else arrived ;0)

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Well, not exactly but it's tough to talk w/one about fractions and battle over riding bikes and curfews, the others are still taking naps, learning letters/numbers and colors and learning the crawl and eat solid food! It doesn't seem natural to have such a big gap but it is what it is and I know I will be thankful for this learning process w/Samantha once Juls and Miriam are at the school age.