Monday, May 27, 2013


It's Memorial Day. That means a lot of things around here. I was pleased, while making breakfast, to hear DH reviewing, "This is not about parades and candy, it's about sacrifice and freedom." Yes, it is. Excellent of him to point that out first thing.

To the under-8 crowd, of course, it is also about parades and candy. I do love that they get to see so many veterans riding by between the candy grab. The kids clap and say "thank you" even though they probably don't really get it right now. That always catches me. I cry at parades. I know I'm weird.

For me, this day is also about my memories. This house is all about babies and little kids (4 of the 5 were born here in the last 6 years) right now. The parade is all about time passing and great memories of those babies and little ones. It's the first parade we attended after moving here in mid-December and it will always be my favorite.

So, here are some Memorial Days past.
I have no idea why there are no outside shots in 2008





So many good times. So many blessings. So grateful for the men and women who have and continue to keep America free. Wishing all of you good memories and a very blessed week.

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