Friday, May 10, 2013

Five on Friday...

1. Sick Babies

Mr. G has had a long week. Three of the days have seen fevers of 105 or greater. Tuesday was spent at the hospital for 5+ hours. Poor boo. I'm not entirely sure he's cured but at least his smile is back and most of the night he is sleeping fairly soundly. Lately it sounds more like my dad than my son but I'll take it, as long as he is not awake and crying in pain.

2. Ascension Thursday

The kids are at an age (I hope it's just their age!) when it's kind of necessary to have a "hook" to get some of them to Mass. I wish I could say they are eager and willing to head out the door any given day. One is actually willing because, well, she just made her First Communion and she seems to "get" how awesome that is. The rest, however, require dessert and/or decoration.

That's cool. I'm usually willing to abide by both.

This year, instead of just cups of blue jello interspersed with whipped cream "clouds" I made finger jello and cut it into shapes. We chose the cross to signify Jesus (because I'm fresh out of Jesus cookie cutters!) and a heart to show God's love for us. There are clouds of whipped cream among the "sky". I'm going back to the cups next year ;0)

Since we also seem to need things hanging from our dining room ceiling (and the snowflakes came down on the first day of Spring) we made "clouds" to hang up today. The "" is there because, frankly, they don't look at all like clouds. I gave the kids glue and sparkles and cotton balls and paper punches and stampers and colored chalk and they had a good time decorating. It's all good though since at least we know what they are. It's extra good since we can leave them up all Summer and re-celebrate on the Feast of the Assumption.

3. School's Out for Summer...

Remember that song? I doubt it since I only have the faintest inkling of it deep in my subconscious. Still, this time of year brings it tumbling back into my brain. It was sometime in the early to mid-70's I think. Anyway...

Thankfully, school is out, at least for the school-aged members of the family. Now the "teacher" has to do the whole portfolio thing. I am resisting my natural urge to procrastinate and just get the silly thing done. (I say silly, not because I think my daughter's education is a laugh but because of the rather odd system of checks and balances involved in presenting the portfolio for review/evaluation. Maybe I'll go into that later. For now, just think government and those who are completely distrustful of said entity working together.)

Of course, I'm here blogging instead so we can see where this has gone. I suppose I will allow myself to write a year-end-review when it's all complete.

4. Growing things

What is it? Two things can seem to be from the exact same place and time, treated in the same way, yet one thrives and the other barely hangs on. I'm seeing that all around these days. Take, for instance, the seeds that have been nurtured since Spring began. Both sets of pots planted at the same time, growing in the same place, watered all in the same manner...yet one looks like this:

and the other, like this:

The same thing is true for the critters around here. Hermie just keeps on, keepin on, despite the fact that he seems to survive on water alone.
(Hermie, out for a stroll)
The ants are an entirely different story. They seem to make new and different tunnels all the time (which is cool) but I would bet only about 2/3 of the original number are left.
(the two giant hills on the top left are the cemetery)
I guess, by August, we'll just need someone to look after one hermit crab. Anyone interested??? ;0)
5. Funny friends
A mother of #2's pre-school buddy was meeting us at the park last week. She texted to say she would be arriving shortly with "Peter and the sons of Zebedee".  I love her. She always makes me laugh. I also love that she and I could share that. It's such a blessing to be among people who not only have the names of the Apostles in the forefront of their brain but who also are not afraid to speak those thoughts aloud.
Have a blessed weekend and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers
 here and in Heaven!

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