Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dino boy

Our #1 son thinks differently about a lot of things. Some days I wonder if he's really a little boy or a secret agent from the planet of loud and jumpy. At least once a week, though, he goes into dinosaur mode and then I know he's really just a 6-year-old boy.

This week he set up "Dinosaur Diner". Each dinosaur had a "dinner" consisting of meat, veggies, or whatever it is they eat. I don't know about dinosaurs and their diets but DH seemed to be impressed. I'm still not buying that any of them ate cheese ;0)

Then today he went to the Children's Festival with our sitter for a belated birthday present. Should I be surprised at what walked through the door?



  1. Cute! We stopped by the Children's Festival for a couple hours on Saturday. It was wonderful. So much to do, and much of it free. I'm definitely taking the kids again next year.

    1. Free=AWESOME around here...we went again Thursday morning :0)

  2. oh that last picture just about stole my heart!
    love it.
    where did you get that map thing that the dinosaurs are using? I was looking for a large colorful laminated (maybe?) map.