Monday, May 20, 2013

A Miraculous Morning

This morning we had the 9 AM tour slot for Homeschooler Day at Springhouse Farm. We went about 5 years ago with another moms group so it's been a while. I remember it being a pretty good representation of a working dairy farm and that my two tiny ones were less than impressed (except the opportunity to milk the cow - that was cool). I was hoping for a better experience today.

My hopes were fulfilled. Today was completely different. I had three more kids this time and was so blessed that my mother's helper decided to join us since she spent the morning pushing a cranky baby around.

The kids enjoyed seeing the cows so close-up (they are city kids, after all) and learning a bit about the whole world of cows. Did you know that beef cows also give milk but it's very watery and not good to drink? Did you know that there are 4 different kinds of dairy cows and each type has different amount and quality of milk production? I didn't. We grew up close to dairy farms but I'm not sure we ever actually went on a tour.

The kids also got to milk a cow (who knew middle child would be so fascinated by the whole process?) and feed a calf from a bottle. I love that both times I have been on a tour, one of the moms has said "but if a calf is fed formula, where does the mother's milk go?". Uh...

So the miraculous part happened after the initial cow visit but before the feeding part. Someone said, "Is this cow pregnant because, if so, she is giving birth".

That's right...we actually saw a calf being born this morning! The whole thing was amazing to me. The cow was SO quiet (as were the kids, who were transfixed) and the whole thing took less than 30 minutes (the farmer had to help deliver the calf because the first-time mom was struggling a bit). #1 child was praying to St. Francis and I was praying to St. Gerard and I had tears when it was all done. Amazing.
The calf presents Superman style (front hooves first)

That bump in the middle is her nose

A little help from the farmer

Mama cleaning up

New babe
After the excitement lessened and we were back on our tour, our tour guide (an old farmer's wife and teacher) said, "I'm going to say something that's probably politically incorrect but each of the 40+ calves I've seen being's nothing short of a miracle. You can see God's hand in the whole process." Amen. I like farmers. They are so close to God. It was such a blessing to witness new life. What a beautiful way to spend a bright Spring morning!


  1. Sounds like an awesome experience! Remind me of this place in a couple years :-)

  2. so awesome. maybe we'll head out there next week. the chocolate milk is beckoning me. THE.BEST.CHOCOLATE.MILK (and super fun haystacks) And baby calves ;-)

  3. Amazing! I think God knew that a bunch of little kids would like to see such an awesome event... similar to providing snakes for a little boy whose only wish was to find a snake this past weekend ;)