Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

As the day draws to a close, I am thinking about the highlights and lessons of the last 28 or so hours...

1. My Mother's Day started the evening before. It happened to be date night and I was blessed to have the opportunity to share Mass with my husband. Alone. No kids. I held his hand instead of a squirming baby. I got to kiss him at the sign of peace instead of waving from the other end of the pew. I got to walk out with him and have a conversation about the homily that included only our two voices. What a gift.

2. We went immediately to dinner. We shared a luxurious three hours or so with very dear friends and discussed everything from speaking in tongues to Rome to high school graduation to our upcoming pilgrimage. I had two glasses of Guinness! I cut only my own food! No one said "what's that?" "that looks great" "wow, I wish I had some of that" (I'm laughing out loud writing always cracks me up.)

3. I woke up today with my DH whispering in my ear "I'll be back with your food". I fell back to sleep and a while later my cutie-pie middle-child appeared with a tray of blackberries, fried eggs and toast. He and I had a delightful conversation about his aunt and whether or not she will "fly back to the US from Georgia or just walk." I love him.

4. I spent the next few hours sorting through little people clothes. Changing seasons in the closets, giving lots of clothes away. I only broke down once when I saw a 9 month old sleeper that G seemed to be wearing a month ago. What a blessing it was to do that on Mother's Day. To have the time to go through and remember my babies when they were younger, reflect on their growing up. Truly a gift today.

5. You may have noticed that I have not mentioned #s 1&2. That is because they spent the night and morning at Grammy's. She took them to Mass! I got to sleep in and not rush around with a bunch of crabby little people today! I was much too pampered today. Thankfully it only happens once or twice a year.

There are no pictures, by the way, because I was trying desperately to be present at all times this weekend. I think I picked up my phone three times. I may adopt that more often. It was a wonderful break

Looking back, now that the day has passed, I cannot be anything but grateful. I did cook dinner for my mom and aunt and I even did the dishes. Having had so many gifts in the preceding hours, I couldn't even think that a burden. I am blessed to be a mother. I have enjoyed every bit of the day. I love the little glimpses I get at my husband when we are alone together. I adore time with my little three when my big two are elsewhere. I miss all my babies when we are apart. I know that my life - homeschooling, lots of little kids, crazy chaos- is exactly what I need and want. God is so good in His choice of this life for me.

Yesterday, we heard the Gospel from John 16:

Ask and you will receive, and so your joy will be complete.

What a great God we have! We ask and He gives what we need to complete our joy!

Today I am thankful to have had enough absence and peace to remind me that the life I lead is indeed, pure joy (even when it seems a lot more like drudgery). Thanks be to God!

I pray that you had a wonderful Mother's Day in whatever form it came and that you may have time to reflect on your joy :0)

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  1. Sounds wonderful... I'm glad you had such a blessed weekend. You deserve it! Happy Mother's Day to a mother I'm blessed to know and learn from!