Sunday, January 22, 2012


I liked this article. I think it does a fairly good job of recounting a life which could easily be overshadowed by the last two months.

I'm not a PSU grad but with 3 of my 4 siblings attending there, it's hard not to feel moved in some way today. Joe Paterno was Penn State. It's a sad day in Happy Valley.

Yes, I struggle with the scandal. However, I've begun to soften, if only slightly, my opinion. I know I'm biased because, for whatever odd reason, he has always reminded me of my dad. Not just the hair, the glasses, and the nose(!), but the era. These were men raised before the Internet and before the news felt the need to expose us to every minute detail of every evil that exists. That made them, in a way, naive, but also made them gentlemen who are so hard to find these days.

Clearly the abuse is unforgivable. The children who suffered have the right to restitution. I refuse to read all the testimony so I won't ever know exactly how culpable he was. I am just saddened that a life so seemingly dedicated to helping students (I saw him on campus - he was approachable and not above those with whom he lived each day) would end in such a tarnished manner. I hope that he sought absolution and is now on his way to a better place. I pray that his family might find peace.

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