Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. I have now reached the point where fastening the laces of my shoes/boots is painful and/or physically challenging. How nice that I am again large-with-child in the Winter. I must survey my Dec 2008 photos to see what footwear I chose then.

2. Post-school discussion:

Sil: Today we were talking about people called "Sister" - by the way, that's the religious "Sister", not the regular sibling "sister".
Me: Ahh. Well, did you also talk about people called "Mother" - in the religious sense, not the family sense?
Sil: I know about them. They're also called Prioress.
Me: Yes, kind of. So did you discuss that or do you just know that from St. Therese?
Sil: I know it from St. Therese. Can't stop reading that book.

I wonder if the Little Flower knows how many other little flowers she has influenced?

3. If you are looking for a great baby name (like me) or just want to get to know some Saints better, check out this site. Really the coolest thing I've seen in a while.

4. Epiphanies are Made for Sharing . . . . . . . . . Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
"Unlike the poor shepherds, the Magi had to travel a long road; they had to face adversity to reach their goal. It was anything but a romantic, sentimental pilgrimage that we often see in our manger scenes!

"The experience of the magi reminds us that all who make the tedious journey to the truth will finally encounter it and be changed in the process. They can never go back to a ‘business as usual’ way of life. When we meet Christ and see who he really is, we will never be the same – and only then can we hope to begin to share in his mission.…"

5. I am thoroughly enjoying my profile these days :)

6. For the last two days, Pittsburgh PA has averaged a lower temperature than Crookston, MN. There is something very wrong with that statistic.

7. Some New Year's Resolution suggestions from Archbishop Dolan:

Everyday, first thing, a morning offering;
Every week, first day, Sunday Mass;
Every month, first Friday, confession.
“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. . . .”


  1. What's this St. Therese book? Is it one for kids?

  2. It's been mighty cold in CT too. I like the Dolan list, I should make that something to emulate.
    footware? LLBean men's wicked good slipper moccasins...they have a good sole for runs to preschool and the mailbox.

  3. Christine - the book is called "The Little Flower" by Mary Fabyan Windeatt. It's really a nice book for slightly older kids.

    Maureen - I will look into them but I have to traverse the sidewalks which are usually covered with snow :( Stay warm!