Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our New Miracle

Well, it's looking like we're on track to have another big baby. The u/s tech looked a bit frightened by the whole idea but, personally, I enjoy these big little people. The only one under 9 lbs had colic. Call me superstitious but I'll be fine if this one is again over that mark.

So, the stats at 28 weeks:

3 lbs, 4 oz - that's 96th percentile
9 lbs, 13 oz - predicted weight at delivery

Maybe we'll finally get our Uncle Charlie ;)
Oh, and s/he is shy, always covering her face :) Cutie.


  1. oh preciousness... I didn't know you had a picture!
    Here's to BIG babies!! cheers!

  2. Dang, almost 4 lbs more than Maggie was. Grow, little one, grow! Sweet little face.

  3. Wow. Big. Amazing.

    Those 3D pics are so cool. Did not have them when Jordan was in utero (at least not that I knew of). Stay well!