Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Much Am I Worth?

Just came across this on Yahoo How Much is a Homemaker Worth? and I just couldn't let it go without comment.

I get kind of agitated when these types of articles are posted. What is the purpose, exactly? For those women who are going to print it out and hand it to their husbands, friends, whatever, what is your point? Is someone astonished that homemakers (who, um, are "non-wage-earners") are "underpaid"? Wow. Isn't everyone who does something and makes nothing, at least in theory, "underpaid"? I know, I know, there are arguments about supporting women who chose to stay home for a while, extending maternity leave, state-funded childcare, etc., but I'm not sure that's where this is headed. I think articles like this are just another excellent example of society trying to get moms out of the home by telling them how little they are valued doing that work.

My answer? Who cares what value society places on me? Seriously, if you're in this for the money, go back to work. If you're in it because you want to actively form the next generation and because you look forward to running a marathon having only trained for a 5K, come talk to me. I'll tell you how worthy and how important you are. I will personally thank you for taking on this most difficult yet rewarding venture.

I freely admit, on my most exhausting days, I will make the comment, "I don't get paid enough for this." Of course, that's the dark one talking. There is no way to value the reward that comes from this vocation. Any measure, especially a monetary one, will never suffice.

I'm not going through the entire article because, to me, it's ridiculous. Allow me to say that, while my cooking and cleaning skills are decent, I'm fairly certain that no one is suddenly going to hire me as a housekeeper and/or personal chef so the comparisons are laughable.

Rant over. Have a nice day ;)

PS - I neglected to thank my beloved, who works all day then comes home to another job for NO PAY(!) and rarely complains or feels undervalued. Without him, the wheels would completely come off.


  1. So true. I'll take the messy house because it always has munchkins running around in it over the quiet, order and disposable income that existed before kids.

  2. The other day my eight-year-old made a comment about how daddy makes the money, and it really bothered me. I went on to list all the things I do, not the least of which is be with her all summer long and pick her up for the 2:30 dismissal, which means we are not spending money on child care. I am not sure I handled the situation correctly. :-(

    I loved your line: Who cares what value society places on me? As someone who lost her job almost three years ago and is working only sporadically, it took me awhile to feel the way you do. But I know what is important in life.