Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Epiphany!

It hasn't been overly "Christmas-like" around here this week since the kids are back to school, (although there were a lot of awesome Saints to feast), but we have finally reached Epiphany. I am so pleased that the older of our kids seem so excited about this day. The Blessing of the House and opening of the final gifts is a great way to send off Christmas for another year. Dominic made the crowns this year and Chiara will hold the star because, according to Dominic, "the child who cannot speak always holds the star." Not sure whether or not that's an official rule!

We split Mass today and Sil and I ended up at the choir Mass. Before the homily, the choir master sang the dates of the movable feasts for the coming year. Apparently it's a tradition from long ago, before everyone had a Church calendar at home and since then has been an occasion to bless the calendars that are distributed for the New Year. It's always fascinating to me to see something that was done and has fallen out of practice.

I would have liked to do more this Christmas season but, ultimately, I think it was a success. I feel like Pat and I should sit down this summer to work out the schedule of the holiday - what we should emphasize, what we should not. Alas, I'm sure before I know it, it will again be Advent and we will again fly by the seat of our pants. I guess we'll see what this new year will bring.

Blessing of the stairwell
Blessing the nursery

Prayers before the manger

One last gift!

As we journey through the year, may it be like the Three Wise Men - always seeking Christ. 

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