Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enjoying (almost) every moment...

My dear friend sent me an article today. It made me laugh out loud and really think about the way things are around here. Perhaps it will help you too, which is why I'm sharing ;)

Don't Carpe Diem

It is an odd thing to me when people say "enjoy - it goes so fast". I do understand that it goes fast and yet there are days that seem to stretch on for a lifetime. The good thing for me is when a day has a really memorable event. A shining moment that makes the rest of the just OK or downright difficult day seem worthwhile.

Last night after baths I suggested that we say a family rosary before watching a show. I was completely at peace with not fighting because I was exhausted. If the said "no" it would just be a story then bed. To my shock and awe they (being the two oldest) knelt down and proceeded as if they did it every day. The younger two went in and out but caused little disruption. This was such an amazing event in our household that my husband said "where have our children gone?" later that night.

Such grace-filled moments are what keep me moving forward and what remind me that this is a vocation, not just a temporary gig. God clearly invented variable reinforcement. I never know when one of these "bright" moments will come along so I just keep moving forward, always pleasantly surprised by my next reward.

Then there are "wow, this does go fast" moments. They are harder for me to grasp since I seem to always have a new little chubby cherub floating round. Still, I know that will also pass one day. So, I take great joy in little things that flashback to when someone was smaller and I am awed at the rapid passing of time. Looking at my four-year-old's hands, I still see the short, dimpled fingers that were there a few years ago. When I'm in a room with just the two oldest, I realize there was a time (if a short time) that it was just them. Lately, when I'm drying my oldest's hair, if I pull up the side at just the right angle, I still see the curve of her jaw that was here...
and she's back to being my only baby.

So, I'm trying to stay positive and not wish away the Chronos time while relishing the Kairos moments. Both are necessary to this life. Without one, the other would not be nearly as spectacular.

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  1. I get those little flashes of grace moments when I hear M&M doing prayers with Anna. Then Maggie finds a pair of scissors that I missed when hiding them and cuts her hair again... yes, fleeting moments.