Friday, August 28, 2015

I like days like this

Wake up, chat with DH, have breakfast. Work on schoolwork, sometimes grumpily and sometimes happily (it was a joy to talk about telling time with Blondie today just after she flipped out about letter practice. She's not really one for repetition ;0p)

Walk to church, pray the rosary, put out the worship aids. Walk to Pamela's (pass a teacher and kids praying the rosary...have a nice chat). Eat a lovely lunch, walk home.

Figured they would go straight in but instead they asked for an impromptu art lesson. Leaf rubbing and sun paper. What a great job by everyone! Follow up with some bubbles and that's one of the best days we've had at home for a while. So grateful to be back to our home turf and home school. We are blessed to be together today.

 Very cool stuff. Thanks, friend ;0)

St. Augustine, Pray for Us!

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