Friday, August 7, 2015

Five on Friday - trip planning

As I've said, this is how I plan for a trip...I spend the week before doing everything else then I pack like a mad person the night before. Don't know why but it works for me. Here's what we were doing instead of packing/cleaning/errand running.

1. More growing...

The garden was watered from above this week and it's been pushing forth even more growth. I wish all the green tomatoes were red but patience is not my strong suit. In the meantime, this little man has been quite patient (for a 3-year-old) waiting for his crop to come in.

His first "baby" carrot. I promise you it is the cutest thing ever...they all think this is how baby carrots are made! So sweet. The best part is that he gave it to DH and since DH is a sucker for his kids, he ate it and didn't hate it! Fantastic!

2. More science

This week the older three had day-long science camp at the Science Center. It's always interesting down there. The drop off/pick up is the worst I've seen and definitely not conducive to people with little ones in tow. My favorite part of the week was Blondie having a full-out melt down after which, the kindly mother-of-two beside me, having heard enough, leaned down and attempted to show screaming child the "octopus on my key chain" (I guess because she knew much better how to control my child?)

it looked like this with two eyes (I was grateful it wasn't #1 who I'm sure would have said, "clearly you are mistaken because this has too many legs to be an octopus!)

I held my tongue at first then bit it when Blondie turned her head away and huffed in response. My tongue was bleeding when the lady beside the well-meaning-lady said "well, I guess not today!". Sorry. It was just that kind of day.

We made it through the week reasonably well and even took a trolley ride to pick everyone up on Wednesday.

3. Back to the future

Traveling with only #s 4 and 5 in tow is kind of like going backward 6 years. I don't know how people send everyone to school and miss out on the helpers all day. Truly. Just buckling people into and out of the car seats is a huge deal. Thankfully, it was only a week and I did enjoy the private time with my babies. The last free lunches of the season, lots of pool time, and watching them interact was a blessing. I am also very grateful to have my helpers return for the trip!
Sharing a trolley seat

Sharing a pb&j and chatting about everything

4. Trip prep my way...

I've already explained that I don't get logistically ready for the trip until just before. If you're wondering, I spend 30% of the time getting physically ready (hair, pedicure, and long walks) and 70% spiritually ready. I took the little ones to Mass downtown on our trolley ride to get the big ones Wednesday. We scored a bishop(!) for Mass which always makes my day. I also took 3 AM Adoration on Thursday morning. It is tough to lose the sleep but the grace that flows from spending time with Our Lord in the stillness of the night is irreplaceable. 
5. This city

I am a traveler. I enjoy seeing new things and taking my kids along to see things and people that I love who are far from here. Still, there is no place that makes my heart sing like the 'Burgh. It is home and it will always be, no matter where I roam. I am blessed to have this be home for my kids as well. Settling here with my amazing husband and raising our family here has been a huge gift.
We are blessed.

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  1. I miss that 'burgh. And those folks. Nine days!!!