Saturday, August 29, 2015

12 days, 2700 miles...Day 7 (Mr. Sweet T)

This whole gig started as our guess-its-becoming(happily)-a-yearly-thing trip to Wisconsin to see our dear friends and our sweet Mr. Muffin godson. Then, I felt guilty about going West and not seeing #3's godmother in St. Louis. Then, like a good home educator (with little background in geography) I drew a less-than-straight-line and came up with the Lewis and Clark trail.

In case you were wondering.

The point, if you were waiting, was that we finally  made it to see our friends in WI. We actually met up with them for Mass in the morning (which, of course, was the best of all possible beginnings...especially with these faith-filled friends) then headed to their house where we spent the entire day, plus some, since #2 forgot his shoes and added 30 minutes to our evening journey to the hotel. I digress.

I am sad sometimes that this special family is so far away. Then I remember that we always seem to have a wonderful adventure getting to them and it guarantees us a once-a-year visit (we are also lucky that they come this way at least once a year...score). The distance also allows us to make no excuses when we take the entire (!) day to sit, eat, chat, watch kids play, and just be with one another. What a gift.
Spiffed up for church

Hello, friend


Right, so you grow a lot between 1 and 3!

These girls love the goats!

Fort building

Half-hearted stink-eye ;0)

Drone flying


Makes me smile every time

Park fun

I wish I had video of DH "comin in hot" as our friend said...hysterical
Friends creating
Greatest pizza place ever...nice BIG table!

Heavens, he's cute
Happy #1, Toby! We miss you and love you so very much. It's clear that God thinks your extra-special because he chose the most wonderful family for you to join. We are blessed by you, one and all.

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  1. And T has the most special godparents. For real. We feel so blessed to be joined to your faith-filled family through the waters of baptism!

    Thanks again for making the trek... Happy day :^)