Wednesday, August 19, 2015

12 States, 2700 miles...Day 2

Having passed through 6 states the day before, I was glad I scheduled a "rest day" for Day 2. It wasn't a rest day really, but we did only drive about an hour the entire day so, other than losing a battle with a parking garage pillar (oops) the car was resting. We walked close to 7 miles. Sometimes I am amazed at these little people when they are with friends. They have amazing endurance.

We woke up early, grabbed some breakfast, and headed out to St. Charles, Missouri. Driving from St. Louis, you cross the Missouri River just before you arrive in St. Charles so it is an excellent visual for those who happen to be studying things dealing with said river. This was where Lewis and Clark reunited to begin their trip up the Missouri.

Before the American history though, comes Catholic history (sometimes it's both) and before that comes the pilgrimage. Just enough time to head into St. Charles Borromeo parish to say our prayer for Adam and take a look around.

Another gorgeous church
Beautiful pro-life shrine. Our Lady would be showing up a lot during our journey.

St. Rose Phillipine Duchesne

It was nice that the parish had a statue of St. Phillipine because she happened to be our next stop. Across the road was the campus of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, which is the site of the first school West of the Mississippi, founded by the Saint. You can read all about her HERE. I think she was the "perseverance" Saint for Little Flowers and, no wonder! She had a dream and she kept it until it was fulfilled (and did some other pretty great things along the way).

We took the tour with some local friends and it was a great way to spend the morning. It was nice to see the kids interact with the docent, asking questions and learning all sorts of new and important information. You know #1 was in her glory.
The Saint meets you at the entrance to campus

Things in the Saint's room. I think the kids were impressed with the fact that they were walking where she walked and seeing things that she used every day.

You don't need a lot of things to be a Saint!

An old altar bread cool.

Her sarcophagus is below the crucifix which is the same one at which she prayed in her childhood.
This was in the chapel. It's been collecting wax for many years.
Our brains bursting with Saint knowledge, we headed out to get our fill of Lewis and Clark. First, though, I drug everyone to my favorite restaurant (when I lived in St. Louis at least). The Welsh rarebit is phenomenal. My friend was an excellent sport, even when the weird drunk guy tried to pick us up (what will we do with our eight children???). Ug. We are magnets sometimes.
My take home cup. See? I can be in-the-world too ;0)
The riverfront in St. Charles is really beautiful. There is a long, flat trail that leads to an impressive statue of L&C (and Seaman) and then continues on to the boathouse. I think this was 3 miles alone but no one complained. Fun with friends and learning to boot. Double bonus!
Actually Daniel Boone. No idea why he was there.

The Missouri is still full of "snags"

Beautiful day, beautiful park.

Can you spot the extra members of the "Corps"? cute ;0)

Fort Mandan I believe

Little one liked the plaques

Whew. That was enough but, you know, I like to get the most bang for our buck when we go somewhere. It just so happened that the Cardinals were hosting the Pirates that evening! It also just happened that our hotel was a block from the stadium. So we four Pirates fans, one Cards fan and an impartial mom enjoyed 7 innings in a beautiful park on a beautiful night. The Pirates led and the Cardinals came back not long before we left so each side had their moment to shine.
He hated every minute because he's not a Pirates fan either but he was a good brother. #3 was overwhelmed by the whole deal.

The guy next to Blondie was won over when G cried after Cutch struck out in the first inning. I heard him say "awww". That kid can even charm the Cardinals fans ;0)

Guess she's impartial too.

Yes, we were in the last row of the stadium!
I need to go wake the pool-weary little ones but Day 3 takes us back on the road so be sure to stay tuned!

We are blessed.

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