Friday, August 21, 2015

12 States, 2700 miles...Day 3

We woke up, got dressed and had a surprise visitor the morning of Day 3. #3's godmother, who was supposed to meet up with us at the game, had a friend who suddenly lost her husband that morning (please pray for the wife and the three young sons) so she was, as was right, tending to their needs first. She is that kind of wonderful friend. The kind who drives into the city to see her godson on a day which is also the first day of school for two of her kids and at her job. Yep, she's a keeper. We were all so blessed to see Miss Colleen before heading West.
godmother and godson ;)

We all love Miss Colleen!

We also said goodbye to our most excellent hotel, the Drury Inn...a perfect choice for families. This one was particularly fabulous since it had this in the lobby almost life-sized depiction of the Lewis and Clark expedition...including Sacajawea (and Seaman).

After a quick breakfast, we set out for Jefferson City, the state capitol of Missouri (we also do geography on our pilgrimage/field trips!). The capitol building is directly across the street from St. Peter's (you know, like the first pope). Perfect place to start our pilgrim prayers this day. I couldn't help but add the prayer that, since it's so close, the government can be led by the Holy Spirit to do God's will.

The kids were such good sports riding for so long so it was time to burn off some energy (after the 2 hour drive, that is). Next stop, Science City in the converted Union Station of Kansas City, Missouri. This is a gorgeous structure that has been wonderfully re-purposed to share a few different exhibits. We stuck with the science part and spent 90 wonderful minutes exploring, learning and playing. Thank you, Carnegie Museums for being a reciprocal museum. Our fun science stop? Totally free.
The main lobby of the station. Beautiful.

levitating #2

The blue room
Counterbalanced bike on a tightrope. So cool

H2O lights...even cooler ;0)

After our science fun, we planned to head a bit farther into Kansas City to see the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. It's supposedly beautiful. Sadly, we got there at 4:05 and the place was buttoned up tight. At least we said our prayer and saw the golden dome.

Back into the car and across the river for a short stay in Kansas! We had to drive behind an industrial complex and down a dirt road but we found it. Kaw Point Park at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. The Corps of Discovery camped here for three days in June, early in their journey up the Missouri. It was also the site of the court martial of Privates Collins and Hall for being drunk on guard duty. They received 100 and 50 lashes respectively and were back rowing the boat the next day.

No whiskey was involved during our stop, just some juice boxes and cheddar popcorn ;0)

It looks a little different these days!

We headed off to our resting spot for the night, the Monastery in Conception Missouri.
Dinner in the fresh air

St. Joseph, pray for us!

Simple Benedictines...I love that

It was a little interesting with four twin beds and an air mattress but it was a beautiful campus to explore and everyone eventually settled in to sleep. That was good because the nuns would have a full morning planned for us on day 4. Stay tuned!

We are blessed!

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