Sunday, August 23, 2015

12 States, 2700 miles...Day 4 (part2)

We left the nuns and headed slightly North to Iowa then West into Nebraska. Crossing over the Missouri, we ran right into the Lewis and Clark Missouri River Visitors Center. It was definitely worth the stop. Lots of interesting and educational Lewis and Clark fodder.

Rowing the replica keelboat

Which was likely made in Pittsburgh!

Kind of small if you ask me.

What Lewis and Clark saw

Playing with the giant prairie dog

Then trying to flush it out

The white pirogue

While we were in the neighborhood, we thought we'd stop by a church. It was down three different gravel roads...definitely not in the city!
Found it!

The Mid-Westerners are very pro-life. Fantastic!

Small but golden. I like the Last Supper altar

Turns out they also have a deep devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Anyone know about a bishop with an axe? #1 is stumped

We had a scheduled stop in Sioux City for another Lewis and Clark center and the Cathedral but we were behind because of our extended stay with the nuns so we headed to our nest for the night. Three and a half hours driving through Iowa along the Missouri river and we had reached Sioux Falls, SD.

and wind turbines
I mentioned my distress with the hotel but I don't want to go into it. Let's just say when I'm traveling alone with five little kids, I would at least like a security lock on the door that wasn't torn off...or some empathy from the manager. Either would have sufficed. As it was I complained to the handyman and he replaced the lock so we had a good night. Good thing because the Corn Palace and an encounter with an angel awaited us the following day.

We are blessed.

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