Monday, December 15, 2014

The Race...

Wow, what a weekend we've had around here. The kids were feeling badly that I got short shrift and insisted on singing "Happy Birthday" to me last night at dinner (a day late but thoughtful!) because we had no time otherwise. I don't know that I would plan it again the way it happened but that's life pretty much - sometimes you play the hand you're delt. Besides, even if there was no singing...there were candles and plenty of celebration!

Saturday morning I was up early (not really, I didn't even make it to Mass like I had planned). Still, earlier than it felt like I should be awake. I remember rolling over, kissing DH and saying "I'm 46 and I have 5 did I get here?" LOL. It has been a ride for sure. Full of highs and lows, crosses of the good and bad variety, all culminating in my life. I have been so blessed and learned so much.

Unfortunately, it would seem, I didn't learn it at the right time. As I had suspected, muscles tend to remember what they learn early and mine did not learn to run long distances. My theory was proven when sibs # 3 and 4 came in the early winners (they ran distance in their youth) followed by #2 and me (my brother ran hurdles) with #1 at the end (he was a record-breaking sprinter...still has good form!). I suppose I should be looking for a javelin competition somewhere!

It was such a funny morning. Kind of like childhood, I would imagine. My sister was racing to the finish, only later to turn back and check on everyone. My second brother ran with me the entire was such a blessing to spend the time with him. My youngest (but older than me) brother ran with my sister but turned back to join Dave and I as we crossed the finish together. #1 son and his whole family participated...completing the family circle. I am amazed and humbled that we could come together to do this. It doesn't happen that much and that makes it such a special time.

 Pre-race at the hotel. It seems A.J. Burnett was staying there and my brothers were delighted to see him in person. (If you are as clueless as I, he's a pitcher for the Pirates)

 I had to take a picture of the video, sorry. Still, it's good to look at and remember the fun. Yes, that's my next older brother in SHORTS at less than 20 degrees...
 He is "Army Tough" for sure!

 Yes, thanks for birthday is also the feast day of St. Lucy so I was wearing a crown of electric candles. I know...I kind of like being the "Catholic freak" though. It gives me so many opportunities to educate people. (and, truthfully, in this race, it wasn't all that out-of-place)

Once a sprinter, always a sprinter.

 Post-race after the chocolate milk (what's up with that?) Sorry Uncle Char got cut out (my camera was not cooperating)

Ahhh...a warm place for some adult beverages. More fun to be had there (like one of the old runners who was teasing my brother by showing him his Navy t-shirt...the Army/Navy game was playing).

So, that's what happened on my 46th birthday (well, not everything but the most fun part anyway). I would say it was a great success (not my time, for sure, but it was freezing and setting records wasn't the point anyway).

My dad always loved to watch us participate in our respective sporting events. I can't help but think he was enjoying himself as his middle-aged children made their way through 3.1 miles. I'm sure he raised his glass with us and, I hope, sent down some grace from where he sits. I have a good feeling we're going to need as much as we can spare in the coming days. 

I am so loved and so very blessed.

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