Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My "favorite" child...

I know no one likes to discuss it but most parents, if they were honest, have a "favorite" child. I don't mean they hate the others and love this one alone; just that in one way or another the relationship seems to work more easily. Sometimes, when DH and I discuss our children and the pluses and minuses of each personality, we say "oh, we would happily take three more just like him!" That kind of favorite.

I think, when it comes down to it, he is like me in enough ways that I "get" him without too much effort. He is my birthday twin (month, at least, which we share with the King of the Universe so, there's that...), he is loyal, sentimental and funny. He has a willful streak but, like all good Italians (and with his name, he at least sounds like he is) his anger burns brightly but quickly extinguishes. I just wish he would eat a little more. He is one skinny dude.

Happy 6th birthday to my sweet middle child who I would never, ever guess, is #3 of five. As his shirt says, "I'm just that good" ;0) May your year be full of fun, family, and sweet surprises and may Our Lady keep you wrapped tightly in Her mantle.

 the cake...you know we December babies enjoy everything Christmas

 I knew as soon as I saw the eye patches that he would love them. He may be a Pirates fan after all. (especially since he also got a jersey for a gift!)

 Welling up a bit listening to his godmother's voice read him a story. I was more than welling. What a special moment. 

Now I really should start cleaning this place. Christmas visitors, round 2, begins tomorrow afternoon. Yikes. At least I get more mushroom soup out of the deal. 

Wishing you a quiet, holy, silent Christmas Eve and a Christmas Day filled with joy. I picked up this little gem the other day and I think it will appear with the stockings on Christmas Day, just as a quiet reminder. We are blessed!

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